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Passionate Eurovision enthusiast Catta enjoys the atmosphere of the Eurovision season in spring. She doesn’t take Eurovision too seriously, but she appreciates, for example, that nowadays UMK attracts Finland’s top artists. In addition to UMK in Tampere, the city’s cultural offerings and natural experiences are important to Catta.

1. Eurovision Pre-Party at Tavara-asema

During UMK week, there are plenty of events happening in the city. If you didn’t manage to snag a ticket to the actual final at the Nokia Arena, then heading to Tavara-asema (near the railway station and the arena) is a must! I can guarantee that the atmosphere will be buzzing. In addition to the live broadcast, there will be Eurovision-themed disco and other related programs. Exciting concerts will be held at the venue throughout the spring.

2. Main Library Metso

I’ve always liked the Main Library Metso situated in the heart of Tampere. Especially Café Metso is a beautiful and cozy spot and the the library also boasts an extensive music section. You can catch me during UMK week at the library’s DJ lunch! I’ll be spinning my favorite Eurovision tunes, which are maybe not the most obvious hits.

3. Moomin Museum

The Moomin Museum located in Tampere Hall is a significant spot for me. With a background working with the Moomins, this museum has been my favorite since its days in the aforementioned Metso. I could spend hours admiring the Moomin-themed miniatures and dioramas crafted by Tove Jansson, Tuulikki Pietilä, and their friend Pentti Eistola.

4. Restaurant PSTA

In the wooden house opposite Tavara-asema sits the lovely pasta restaurant PSTA. Besides delicious food, I particularly enjoy the nostalgic grandma-style interior. It always gives me a warm, nostalgic feeling, and every visit reveals new details that remind me of childhood summers spent at grandma’s.

5. Pyynikinharju Ridge and Pispala

I’m originally from Helsinki, and I understand why Tampere is sometimes called Finland’s biggest village city. You always bump into familiar faces on the streets. I think it’s a luxury that even though you live within walking distance of the city center, stepping outside puts you almost immediately on the Pyynikinharju’s jogging trails. It’s nice to continue walking to the idyllic landscapes of Pispala, filled with lovely, colorful wooden houses.

Photo: Miikka Varila