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New Tampere.Finland application guides both locals and visitors



The recently launched Tampere.Finland application meets both the locals’ and visitors’ need to get information about the services in Tampere easily. The application includes a guided tour, local bus routes and timetables, the free space in the parking garages, Tampere event calendar as well as the Tampere Pass discount application (Tampere Tunnetuksi Passi). The Tampere.Finland application can be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.


The Tampere Pass application has found its place in the locals’ pockets during the past five years. Again this year, the Pass includes over a hundred offers to restaurants and shops in the city centre.  


“It’s great that there’s cooperation in Tampere between various service providers, making Tampere a better experience. The more services there are in one application, the more often people remember that specific app”, says Riikka Töytäri, Executive Manager of Tampere Tunnetuksi association.


The application also offers a guided tour to the most interesting sights in Tampere city centre.

“The application guides through a walking tour around the sights on both s ides of the Tammerkoski rapids banks”, mentions Senior Specialist Turo Leppänen from Visit Tampere.


The application will be continuously developed further according to the feedback from users. The main goal is, that in the future the application will cover diversely the city’s services. 

“We are planning that in the future, the Tampere.Finland application could be used for example for library books, mobile bus tickets, checking ski route conditions or even purchasing tickets to Vapriikki Museum Centre”, envisions Project Manager Anni Joela from the City of Tampere.


The application has been developed in the Smart City programme of the City of Tampere, in cooperation with STARDUST project, funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 programme, and Visit Tampere. The application is created by Geniem Ltd.


More information:
Project Coordinator Carita Isomäki
Tel. +358 44 208 7778


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