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Summer hotel Aurora

Reasonably-priced summer accommodation can be found right in the city centre, in the summer hotel Aurora. The cozy summer hotel offers accommodation in the immediacy of Olympiakortteli that offers live gigs, a beer garden and a restaurant, all conveniently in the same building. Aurora has put the high-quality rooms of the previous Hotel Pinja to good use and nowadays single, twin and quadruple rooms are available. The rooms have their own toilets and bathrooms with shower stalls.



There are summer hotels also in the surrounding area of Tampere. For example DomusVirrat is located near the harbour of the Poet’s Way, a steamship route from Virrat to Tampere. Also the town centre of Virrat is close and the national parks Seitseminen and Helvetinjärvi are situated only about 20 kilometres away.


Mänttä Summer Hotel

Another alternative is Mänttä Summer Hotel in the vicinity of Mänttä’s town centre. In the summer, the rooms of the student houses built in the 1990s are open for guests and the rooms have their own toilets and showers. The location of the summer hotel is quiet and the prices are inexpensive.