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Next stop: Sauna

Jump on board of Nysse buses or hop on a city bike and make your journey to the sauna sustainably and conveniently! From this article, you can easily find public transportation routes to effortlessly reach the public saunas in The Sauna Capital of the World. Make a note of nearest stops and head to sauna!

Use Nysse route planner to find the easiest route for you! During summer season, make sure to try the city bikes!

Rajaportti Sauna

Pispalan valtatie 9, Tampere
Stops: Rajaportti 1504 & 1505 (ca. 250m from the sauna)
Lines: 7, 8, 12, 26, 28 ja 29

You can easily reach Rajaportti also by city bike, as the bike station 4277 is located right next to the sauna!

Rauhaniemi Folk Spa & Sauna Temple

Rauhaniementie 24, Tampere
Stops: Rauhaniemi 5021 & Romsinlahti 4903, (ca. 450 from saunas)
Line: 2

You will also find a city bike stop (4759) in Rauhaniemi.

Pereensaaren sauna

Pereensaarentie 43, Pirkkala
Stop: Pere 2604, (ca. 600 m from the sauna)
Line: 11

Kaukajärven sauna

Kangasalantie 80, Tampere
Stops: Kristilla 4052 & 4053 (ca. 250 m from the sauna)
Lines: 40 A & C

Tohloppi sauna

Pyydyspohjankatu 1, Tampere
Stops: Pyydyspohjankatu 1618 & 1617, (ca. 450 m from the sauna)
Lines: 29

Tahmela Villa’s Sauna

Uramonkatu 9, Tampere
Stops: Hirvikatu 2015 & 2016, (ca. 350 me from the sauna)
Lines: 10

Sauna-Restaurant Kuuma

Laukontori 21, Tampere
Easily accessible from Keskustori Central Square, through which many lines pass, including the tram!

Veittijärvi sauna

Viljakkalantie 140, 33480 Ylöjärvi
First head off to Ylöjärvi with line 82 and change to line 84.
Stops: Takamaantie 6204 & 6205 (ca. 400 meters from the sauna)