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Tampella on the brink of Tampere’s national landscape

Restaurant Tampella is located in the historical premises of an old linen weaving mill, on the edge of Tammerkoski. From the large windows you can see not only the flowing rapids, but also the Satakunta bridge and the small Konsulinsaari island with its sculptures.

The city’s industrial history is visible both in Tampella’s premises, in its thousands of stories, and also in the names of the dishes, which the chef develops by drawing from the region’s past and events. Everything from cannons to steam locomotives, and fabric to airplane engines have been manufactured in Tampella’s factories in the past. The menu is a combination of flavors of the world and traditional Finnish cuisine, and here you can always find both fish and steak on the menu. Charcoal grill is often used to help the dishes absorbe additional aromas.

In addition to food, the terrace bar also serves sparkling and bubbly drinks. Visitors are welcomed to pop by for a drink and salty snacks and to enjoy the terrace, which is perfect for a relaxing summer day.

Park views from Hotel Tammer

Right next door from the Restaurant Tampella lies the legendaric Hotel Tammer. The hotel restaurant Bistro Tammer and its terrace have nice views over the surrounding parks. The grand surroundings of the hotel and the sounds of the water fountain make a perfect setting for a summer in the city.

Vantage point for city views and flavours of the world at Periscope

Restaurant Periscope is a scenic restaurant ambitiously created by Arto Rastas, that is situated on the top of the shopping center Ratina. The restaurant covers two floors with modern dining hall, lounge bars and luxurious outdoor terrace. Both floors have a wall-sized window with views over Ratina and the city center.

The restaurant’s flavors stretch from the Mediterranean to North Africa and Asia. The restaurant pays careful attention not only to the wine selection, but also to its selection of beers. The lounge bar on the upper floor is a perfect place to admire the city views, as well as people watch the diners on the floor below. What a great spot for cocktails and socializing before descending down for dinner.

Periscope’s massive roof terrace is inspired by Bali, and has bookable sun pergolas and sunbeds, swings and performance stages. There are also varied and entertaining shows and activities offered on the stage from live performers to rooftop yoga. The view from the terrace is almost 360 degrees over the city, and you can even enjoy the gigs on the Ratina Stadium from the roof terrace.

Hopealinjat – Dining on the water

Tampere is surrounded by two stunningly beautiful lakes, so the opportunity to have lunch or dinner on the water is not to be missed. Boating on the lake and admiring the scenery passing by really calms the mind. At the same time, you can see the city from a different perspective: Pispala ridge with its colorful wooden houses, the red-bricked old factory buildings of the downtown area, the distant Näsinneula observation tower and Haulitorni tower…

Hopealinja’s M/S Silver Sky ship operating in Pyhäjärvi has a full-fledged restaurant and a large kitchen, from which delicious dishes are brought to the customers’ tables. Sky favors ingredients from local producers, which are used to prepare modern Finnish food. You can head to the ship for both lunch and dinner cruises, not to mention private events themed in different ways. Also on the waves of the lake Näsijärvi you can enjoy the ride on an old steamship S/S Tarjanne.

You shouldn’t forget Viikinsaari island either, where restaurant Viikinsaari has been widely praised. On the island, you can dine on a bright veranda with a multi-course menu, as well as enjoy a more relaxed lunch on the outdoor terrace while surrounded by the island’s nature.

360 city views from Näsinneula

The sleek fine dining restaurant Näsinneula is located in its own culinary heights of 124 meters in the Näsinneula Observation Tower. The restaurant slowly rotates around, presenting its diners with stunning views over the rooftops of the city and the two lakes. During dinner, you have time to enjoy a full round of the beautiful surrounding landscapes as well as Finnish flavors.

Näsinneula has been a pioneer in the utilization of local ingredients, and domesticity and locality are still very strongly present. Here you can enjoy, for example, fish caught from the nearby lake, reindeer from the north, and local vegetables and cheeses. The restaurant serves both lunch and dinner. In addition to à la carte dishes, the selection includes various set menus.

Café Katto and the Finlayson Roof Walk

Only few cafes have a place on a city roof. Finlayson’s old factory area has been livened up with Café Katto that has a terrace with the most beautiful view of the Tammerkoski rapids. The cafe serves salads and other snacks along with the soup lunch. They even aim to grow some of the ingredients in their own garden, which is located next to the rooftop cafe.

At the heights of the roof level, you can enjoy a drink and food as well as a guided roof walk on two different level routes that is something that has not been organized in Finland before. The easier route goes in the direction of the Tammerkoski and the steeper one in the direction of Satakunnankatu. Harnesses make walking on roofs and gazing at the scenery safe.

Cheers with views at the Moro Sky Bar

Moro Sky Bar offers amazing 360 views from the top of the Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. The views are perfect for toasting with bubbly. The sleek decor and romantic sunset views lift up its viewers above the everyday life faster than the spray from opening a bottle of champagne.

Saunas above the roofs and on the water

Tampere is the sauna capital of Finland. There are many saunas with great views that can be easily booked for private relaxation or to celebrate an anniversary. With dining options, of course.

Sauna-Restaurant Kuuma is open year round and appeal even to gourmet lovers. The café-restaurant, terraces on two floors, as well as the saunas offer great views of the Ratina bay from the Laukontori Market Square.

The outdoor terrace at Periscope has been extended and utilized as a sauna and spa department. The gorgeous saunas and jacuzzis wait for friends and work communities to come and enjoy the heat!

Warm saunas with views over the city and pleasures of great food are also offered in Tampere’s Lapland Hotels rooftops and in Tampellan panoraamasauna.


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