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Experience Tampere in four hours

It is possible to get to know Tampere and its most iconic sites in four hours with few stops around the city. Start your day at Pyynikki by strolling around in the nature walk and enjoy views from the the Pyynikki Observation Tower. Make sure to try out the famous doughnut in the Observation Tower’s café! After nature stroll, head to the picturesque are of Pispala and the oldest public sauna in Finland, Rajaportin sauna. Relax in the warmth of sauna and get to know the Finnish sauna culture.

After relaxing sauna head over to the city centre and more especially to Finlayson area. Get lost in time by admiring the old red-tiled buildings, rapids of Tammerkoski and historic atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas to learn more about the history of workers in the 1800’s in Finland and in Tampere.

Last stop on this route is the Tampere Market Hall. Experience the different tastes and scents in the warm atmosphere of Market Hall an try the local delicacies such as blood sausage and the local bread called ‘rievä’. You can also browse through other shops, which sell local quality products. Crown your tour with a late lunch in French-inspired Restaurant 4 Vuodenaikaa, which is one of the local’s favorites.

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