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Tampere in four hours


Only few hours of time to spend in Tampere and you have no clue what to do? Don’t you worry, Tampere has plenty of things to see and experience even in short period of time!


Experience Tampere in four hours


It is possible to get to know Tampere and its most iconic sites in four hours with few stops around the city. Start your day at Pyynikki by strolling around in the nature walk and enjoy views from the the Pyynikki Observation Tower. Make sure to try out the famous doughnut in the Observation Tower’s café! After nature stroll, head to the picturesque are of Pispala and the oldest public sauna in Finland, Rajaportin sauna. Relax in the warmth of sauna and get to know the Finnish sauna culture.

After relaxing sauna head over to the city centre and more especially to Finlayson area. Get lost in time by admiring the old red-tiled buildings, rapids of Tammerkoski and historic atmosphere. Don’t forget to visit the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas to learn more about the history of workers in the 1800’s in Finland and in Tampere.

Last stop on this route is the Tampere Market Hall. Experience the different tastes and scents in the warm atmosphere of Market Hall an try the local delicacies such as blood sausage and the local bread called ‘rievä’. You can also browse through other shops, which sell local quality products. Crown your tour with a late lunch in French-inspired Restaurant 4 Vuodenaikaa, which is one of the local’s favorites.

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Four hours of family fun in Tampere


What could be a better way to start your trip at Tampere than visiting the world’s only Moomin Museum. Moomin Museum, located in Tampere Hall is filled with illustrations and paintings of Tove Jansson’s Moomin books. Get lost in the Moomin world, follow the story through all twelve Moomin books and explore the hidden secrets in the Moomin House. When hunger strikes, head downstairs to Restaurant Tuhto were you can enjoy a delicious lunch or choose a warming dish from the á la carte menu.

After spending plenty of time inside it is time to head outside towards Pikku Kakkosen leikkipuisto playground. This playground is the most famous one in Tampere and it has multiple climbing racks, slides, swings and many more. Even adults won’t get bored, because this playground also has outdoor gym equipment!

When everyone is feeling a little tired it is the perfect time to spend the last minutes of your Tampere tour in a café. 3D Crush Café will be a hit among the kids because it is a bunny café. In addition to tasty treats, the café has a separate bunny room, where children and adults can sit and watch the bunnies hop around. You can even buy special treats and feed them to the bunnies. The café also has a cozy playroom downstairs where children can play board and video games.

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Design lover’s four hours in Tampere


Short stop in Tampere can also be a dream of a design lover. Start your tour at the Tallipiha Stable Yards and peek into the adorable little boutiques. From the boutiques you can find for example accessories made from recycled materials, handmade cards, rustic wood products as well as colorful toys. When you feel like you need a break, head over to Tallipiha’s charming café to enjoy a cup of coffee with freshly made savory or sweet pastry.

After little rest at the café, design lover makes one’s way to Kehräsaari. At Kehräsaari you can find amazing design products from multiple shops and boutiques such as PIHKA Collection, Ateljeekatu, PikkuPutiikit and Kehräsaaren Kauppa. From these boutiques you can find anything from ceramics and interior design to clothing items, accessories and shoes.

When you are feeling a little bit hungry, let your steps guide you over the Kehräsaari Bridge towards Aleksanterinkatu Street. There you will find cozy restaurant called 2h + k, which serves hungry customers lunch, à la carte dishes as well as snacks and cold drinks. Feel free to try the escargots, crispy grilled sandwich or even the creamy risotto.

Last moments of your tour are wisely spend at the design boutiques near Hatanpään valtatie Street and Otavalankatu Street. There you can find MUKA VA flagship store, which sells ethically made clothing with modern cuts and bold prints. You can also find Onemanband – Finnish Designers Boutique, which offers design lovers clothing items, shoes and accessories all made in Finland or Europe.

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Satisfy your hunger for culture with short pit stop at Tampere


Start your exploring of culture by strolling through one of Tampere’s many museums. Museum Center Vapriikki is a great choice, because it is home to interesting changing exhibitions as well as The Finnish Museum of Games, Media Museum Rupriikki, The Finnish Ice Hockey Museum, Mineral Museum and The Natural History Museum of Tampere. After touring the museum sit down and relax with snack or lunch at the spacious museum café and restaurant Valssi.

After lunch or coffee break change your perspective of culture and head over the Satakunnan silta Bridge to Art Gallery Saskia on Pirkankatu Street. Art Gallery Saskia has monthly changing exhibitions so there is always something new and exciting to explore. Just a short walk away from Art Gallery Saskia is Photographic Center Nykyaika, which presents the photographic art of different artists and organizes events such as lectures, artist meetings and workshops. If you have time to spare explore also the variety of theater performances in Tampere. You can read more about it here!

When you have had enough of culture experiences go and have some culinary ones instead! Restaurant Tillikka is a perfect place to end the tour. It is a legendary restaurant located near the Hämeensilta Bridge and it has been a favorite of cultural persons and artists throughout its history. Try the legendary hash or dive into the seasonal menu.

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