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At Laukko Manor, you can enjoy art, park concerts, and good food during the summer. Located in the most beautiful lake area of Pirkanmaa, this neoclassical manor milieu invites you to explore its fascinating history. Laukko was first mentioned in documents as early as 1416, and over six centuries, it has grown into the legendary Laukko Manor. To attend Laukko concerts, you can take a ride from Laukontori in Tampere with Hopealinja!

For travelers seeking hidden gems, visit Pizzeria Makasiini in Vesilahti Kirkonkylä. This charming restaurant not only serves excellent pizzas but also delights the eyes. Makasiini is one of the most atmospheric dining spots in Pirkanmaa!

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This summer, let’s go to Ponimaa! The old village school has been given a new life in Orivesi, evolving into the captivating Villa Kaaos. Explore a place where beige is abhorred, and interior trends are thrown out the window. At the same time, you can pet ponies and meet African pygmy goats.

In Orivesi, you can also embark on a culinary journey with a tour of unique summer cafes. Experience Amorinranta, Summer Cafe Pakari, and Taiston Talo with their delicacies and stunning views! You can follow the vibes of these summer cafes with the hashtag #uniquesummercafes.

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In Ylöjärvi, you’ll find the charming Summer Café Villa Vino. Located in Mutala, Kulju village, Villa Vino offers a variety of sweet treats, lunch, and as a new addition for summer 2024, pizzas baked in an authentic pizza oven onsite. The café also houses a local food shop where you can purchase delicious locally produced goods.

Explore also Seitseminen National Park and Teivo Racecourse.

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The beautiful Arboretum Frick is a “secret garden” located in Kangasala. The garden is named after amateur gardener Erkki Frick, whose handwork is evident across the three-hectare area. The trees, bushes, flowers, along with the fountains and statues, now delight all who visit the garden. Enjoy seasonal pastries at the Arboretum’s cafe!

Finland’s most popular car museum, Vehoniemi Car Museum, is located in a stunning location amidst the Vehoniemi Ridge nature reserve in Kangasala. Admission to the museum’s ever-changing exhibition is free, and the café is famous for its tasty pastries. At Vehoniemi, you can admire international luxury cars and cars from different decades. There is also an observation tower in the area.

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The summer living room Mokkapirtti, made popular by a Finnish TV series, will open on June 3rd and will be open until the end of August. Mokkapirtti is a charming red summer cottage where you can enjoy donuts and ice cream. At the same time, you can purchase Valkeakoski-themed summer souvenirs; Mokkapirtti products and canvas bags.

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In Lempäälä, Ideapark’s summer offers car exhibitions, shopping, Lego building, and workshops for the little ones. Also, don’t miss out on the Entertainment Center on the second floor of Ideapark! The impressive indoor go-kart track invites you to the thrill of speed, and the action-packed Skidipark is full of activities and fun rides.

Situated in a stunning setting, Vaihmalan Hovi is one of Lempäälä’s gems. Here, you can indulge in delicious food or refreshing ice cream, make discoveries in the boutique, enjoy spa services, or stay overnight.

For those seeking unforgettable experiences, try River Floating in a drysuit on Tuesdays at 5PM or Saturdays at 10AM. You can sign up through the booking system.

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At the Reippi Museum area, there is plenty to see and do, especially during the summer. In addition to the Reippi museum, the area also features a beach, public sauna, and an Ancient Village. Guided museum tours are organized every Saturday and Sunday at 2 PM, with free admission. Additionally, guided Children’s Reippi Adventures are held couple of times during the summer on Sundays. Iron Age Birckala event takes place on July 6th-7th at the Reippi area, and admission is free.

The summer season at the romantic Sankila Manor begins on June 8th. The manor features a petting zoo and a courtyard bistro offering smoked salmon burgers, lamb burgers, and the legendary butter eye buns. The popular Friday night concerts continue this summer, with Edu Kettunen performing first on June 28th.

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Attention, golf enthusiasts! One of the largest golf courses in Pirkanmaa, Nokia River Golf, awaits you. While on the trip, you can also take a dip in the pools at Scandic Eden Nokia, groove to the beats at Tapsan Tahdit, or visit the stunning Tehdassari Island, where various activities are organized.

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In Sastamala, it’s worth visiting Tyrvää Old Vicarage, Cultural House Jaatsi, Pirunvuori Stone Castle, and Suodenniemi Local Museum. Not to mention the Sastamala Gregoriana music festival from July 17th to 21st and the Old Literature Days held on June 28th-29th!

Since there’s so much to see in the city, it’s worth extending your visit. Kommee Kurki accommodation in the countryside of Sastamala welcomes all! You can stay in a Tentsile tent, a peaceful camper park, a house, or a Satukurki cottage. As a new addition, you can now book a relaxing sound bowl treatment that gently massages the entire body from the inside out.

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Luomajärvi Tavern is located in Ikaalinen and offers unforgettable experiences in the heart of nature. The tavern’s unique accommodations invite you to enjoy summer nights. You can have a romantic stay in the Treehouse Sydänkäpy, savor the atmosphere in a tree tent under the starry sky, or relax in a lean-to on soft hides.

Ikaalinen Spa & Resort hosts music performances, festivals, and dances. Dances are held on Wednesdays with a different live band performing each week. In August, the summer dance season culminates with the Dance Venetian Festival.

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Urkin Piilopirtti in Pinsiö offers guests unique experiences. In this art hotel, each room showcases art in different ways, and there’s more art to be found in the surrounding area and grounds. The annually renewed art exhibition and the summer café are well worth a visit.

Situated by the Pappilanjoki River, the popular vegetarian restaurant, café, and shop Frantsila Kehäkukka operates in an old school building from 1875.

Visit Hämeenkyrö


This summer, the Serlachius Museums feature the exhibitions Masks, Fade Cut, and ROR ABC. Public guided tours are offered on summer Sundays at 1 PM and 3 PM at the Serlachius Museum Gösta, and at 2 PM at the Gustaf Museum. The Art Sauna by Gösta’s waterfront is open to the public on Tuesdays from noon to 6 PM.

The grand main building of Rapukartano warmly welcomes visitors. Its cozy, atmospheric setting and the beautiful lake scenery invites you to relax, experience something new, and enjoy yourself. At Rapukartano, food is a matter of the heart, with most ingredients sourced locally and from nature. The menu includes moose, reindeer, venison, bear, and fish, along with local mushrooms, berries, and crayfish. During your visit, be sure to experience the classic sauna safari.

Also, explore the Mänttä Art Festival, which features not only visual artists but also musicians, writers, and professionals from theater and circus arts. Mänttä offers an abundance of art and events throughout the summer, including the Mänttä XX Organ Week.



The dream destination for summer hikers, Geopark—officially known as Lauhanvuori – Hämeenkangas UNESCO Global Geopark—offers the best experiences for hikers and travelers during the summer. Visitors can explore the Geopark’s nature and attractions by hiking, canoeing, or cycling. Many of the Geopark’s marshland destinations are also suitable for children.

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Urjala is home to the Nuutajärvi Glass Village, where glassblowing is still practiced. The Glass Village features a museum dedicated to glass making and the area’s history, artisan shops, and a café-restaurant.

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Consider also the Pirkanmaa Festivals, 12 festivals in the Tampere Region!