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Let it sound!

The traditional Aitoon Kirkastusjuhlat will be held from the 6th to the 8th of July in Pälkäne municipality. Organized since 1882, Kirkkarit is, according to their own words, in the middle of cornfields, in the idyllic village of Aitoo, the summer’s best Rock & Pop festival, organized entirely by local workers. Among others, Finnish top artists Behm, Kuumaa, Popeda, Samuli Putro, Tuure Kilpeläinen and Don Huonot will appear on the Kirkkari stage!

The Music Festival of the Workers is celebrated from 25th to 27th of July in Valkeakoski, in the milieu of the UPM Tervasaari paper mill and the Myllysaari museum. Performing this year are, amongst others, Arppa, Kolmas Nainen, Paperi T and Ida Paul & Kalle Lindroth! The music event can also be conveniently reached by the museum train, on which you can enjoy the old-time travel atmosphere and tune in to the festival atmosphere. Pssst, when visiting Valkeakoski, you should also stop by the Mokkapirtti cafe, known from the Kontio & Parmas series!

For lovers of lighter music

Sastamala will play on July 17–21 the international Sastamala Gregoriana, which brings wonderful medieval, renaissance, and baroque music inside the imposing stone walls of St. Mary’s Church. The summer concerts feature the most beautiful works of Viennese classicism and instrument rarities.

The most significant annual piano event in Finland, the Mäntä Music Festival takes place from the 30th pf July to the 8th of August. The music festival presents world-class pianist stars and young superstars in the unique setting of Serlachius Manor. The festival program also includes free and church concerts.

In Nokia at the Tapsan Tahdit event from 1st to 3rd of August, the popular music-Finlandia prize will be awarded again. In addition to the prize winner, there will be amazing performers like Laura Voutilainen, Erika Vikman, Robin Packalen and Kolmas Nainen. In addition to dynamic evening programs, the program also includes plenty of free daytime programs and local performers.

Art, literature and the hustle and bustle of history

Mänttä Art Festivals is organized from 16th of June to 31st of August, in Pekilo in the center of Mänttä, which has been converted from a factory building into an exhibition center. The exhibition, entitled Puhallus (“The Blast”), will revolve around themes of light, perspective, spaciousness, and spatiality. A total of 36 artists and pairs of artists have been invited by the curator Heli Ryhänen to contribute to this year’s festival.

Did you know that Sastamala is the book capital of Finland? There you can visit the book quarter, where the museum of Finnish books, Pukstaavi, and the House of Mr. Clutterbuck, aimed at families with children, are located. Cultural centre Jaatsi, the childhood home of the painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela, can also be found in Sastamala.

In August 2.–3, the Pentinkulma days organized in Urjala. At the heart of the event is a love of books and culture, and the program includes, among other things, author visits, topical discussions, and theater and music performances. The theme of 2024 is Truth.

Find more about the events on the Tampere Region Festival’s website. Don’t forget the summer concerts and park concerts at Laukko Manor, which are organized as many as 22 times between June and August!