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Tampere is full of speedy sled hills. Here are some, recommended by the locals:


Pyynikki hill

towards the beach from the miniature golf course. “Traditional sled hill with great views, close to the city centre. Top off the day with lovely doughnuts at the Pyynikki tower.” -Karoliina


Sorsapuisto park

 “There are actually two sled hills here, one from Viinikankatu street towards the pond (make sure the sled doesn’t slide all the way to the pond..) and another next to the kids’ playground: great, man-made smaller hill, where even the smallest of the family’s dare-devils enjoy their time.” -Mari


Ratina stream pool

“The most fun is to sled on the stadium ramp all the way under Laukonsilta bridge! Mind the pedestrians, though. Several places in the same area.” -Mari


Saukonpuisto hill

near the Kaupinkatu street in Kaleva. A wide hill leading towards the playground, suitable also for smaller kids.” -Olga


Pispala sled hill 

between the Pispala log floating tunnel (uittotunneli) and the local child health centre, southwards from Pispalan valtatie street. “The local families love this, during daytime a good place to meet fellow mums and dads.” -Katariina



the former downhill slope in Lamminpää. “Wild ride!” -Raimo


Vihioja park’s hill

in Muotiala, by the Jokipohjantie and Vihiojantie streets. “A heightened, straight and long hill. Good for the smaller kids by sled accompanied by parents, or on their own on a glider.” -Jenika



at the Idman’s park, in the district of Nekala. “Quite a steep start, long slide, suits also the smaller madcaps.” -Pirkko


Näyttämönpuisto park’s hill

near Näyttelijänkatu street in South Hervanta. “Perfectly steep and long for bigger and smaller gliders alike. Also wide enough to offer different types and levels of routes to sled down from.” -Pia


Kurikka hill

in the neighbouring sity of Pirkkala, at the end of Karsikontie street. “A landfill site, quite a mighty hill! Not in Tampere, but close enough.” -Kari


The city of Tampere also maintains ice rinks and winter sled hills. You can find these places on a map here.