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If you are a sports fan, this spring and summer you should head to Tampere! Here you enjoy watching for example Finnish baseball, football, athletics, beach volleyball and many other sports. Not to mention the European Master Games form June 26 to July 9! In this article we give you our best tips to make your visit as sustainable as possible.

Think Sustainably service helps you to make better choices

Think Sustainably service provides you with tools for more sustainable choices. The companies and operators participating in the service meet the sustainability criteria defined for their industry, making them more responsible choices for visitors and residents in Tampere. Responsible operators include accommodation, shops, restaurants, cafes, and experience providers.

Utilize the city bikes

Visit the best spots of Tampere with the convenient city bikes. Tampere’s city bikes, called Sale bikes, can be found at over a hundred stations, and their usage time is 60 minutes. You can get a city bike by downloading the Tampere city bike application to your phone, registering as a city bike user, and paying for the bike usage.

Use the trams and local trains for transportation

Rail transportation works excellently within Tampere and to neighboring municipalities. Did you know your ticket for the 2023 Ice Hockey World Championship matches also works as a ticket for the public transportation in Tampere and region? Read more from Nysse webpages.

City nature gems

Nature is present all around in Tampere, and the beautiful outdoor areas are right next door. Admire the lake views from Pyynikki Ridge, use the famous Pispala stairs and test your shape or head to Kauppi outdoor areas with great variety of nature trails. Try also mountain biking is also great in our beautiful landscapes!

Thirsty? Prefer local!

Did you know that Finland has high-quality tap water? Enjoy a glass after workout, on a sunny day or when ever, and remember to top up your bottle, too!

If you crave a beer, instead, it’s best to choose a local brewery product. Tampere has several microbreweries and they are environmentally friendly. Try at least Koskipanimo and Mad Finn breweries’ beers, or go on a guided craftbeer tour!