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When and how did people use to live? Visit Tampere workers’ homes and learn the lifestories of their fictional residents from a period of almost a century at the Amuri Museum of Historic Housing. Take a little virtual tour of the museum. It introduces you to some of the houses on the block and recounts the museum’s construction process.

You will also learn how the workers’ residential area, Amuri, came into existence.

The construction of Amuri’s wooden housing block begun in 1860s in order to fulfill the needs of Tampere’s growing worker population. Out of these blocks only Amuri’s Workers’ Housing block remains. The housing block includes five dwelling buildings in their original places, as well as four courtyard buildings. The dwelling buildings have been furnished with apartments that depict years between 1882 and 1973. You can also find a public sauna, a bakery, a cobbler’s workshop, a grocery store, as well as a paper and haberdashery store from the area.

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