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The Villilänsaari nature reserve, established in 2015, is located on Villilänsaari on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi in ​​the Villilä district.

The area has a diverse birdlife. For example icterine warbler, wood warbler, lesser spotted woodpecker and white-backed woodpecker have been observed there. Flying squirrels and bats also thrive on Villilänsaari.

If necessary, the path around the island will be rehabilitated with wood chips. There’s a sign at the edge of the parking area to tell about the diverse nature of the area. The path shown on the map can be ridden by bicycle.

You can get close to Villilänsaari, for example, by bus, getting off near Salmenranta Street. Check bus lines and timetables on the Tampere Public Transport website. Villilänsaari has a beach with parking spaces.

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