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Sastamala Gregoriana is an enchanting early music festival that takes place annually in July in the city of Sastamala (ca. 57 km from Tampere). It was founded back in 1995. The festival combines an excellent international concert program that consists of medieval, renaissance and baroque music. The main venues of the festival are old lakeside churches of St Mary’s and St Olaf’s with unique acoustic spaces and history behind them. Festival’s Musical Director is English lutenist Michael Fields.

The theme of 2023 is “Vienna, City of Music” and it continues The Cities on Water theme series (2018–2025). During this musical journey, we visit cities whose position on great seas or rivers has connected them to the wider world and allowed them to be dominant centers of the arts for centuries. From Venice the journey continues through Paris, Bruges, Vienna and Rome finally ending in London.

The next festival is organized 13th – 16th July 2023.

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