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Tampere has always been a city of music and culture. Olympia is one of the most fascinating gig venues in the city for a good reason. The old movie theatre is an amazing venue for shows and events, and little over a hundred years old, too. Olympia hosts the most talked about artists and bands, including indie newcomers, established stars and everyone in-between.



3.5. VENDED (US) + The Gloom In The Corner (AU) + Profiler (UK)
10.5. WÖYH! – Wöyhötyksen vuosikymmen
16.5. The Night Flight Orchestra (SWE), St. Aurora
17.5. Miljoonasade
18.5. Satakunnakatu Block Party
24.5. Heavy Metal Perse + Ranger
25.5. Pauli Hanhineimi M.A.D, Holmala
29.5. Good Ones Festival
31.5. Infernel Tampere 2024


8.6. Mammoth WVH (US)

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