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Have a restful own moment with your feet off the ground! The Finnish pure forest has provided shelter, comfort and relaxation throughout the ages. Breather in Tree Tent Kommee Kurki means taking a nap, meditating or observing the nature for 3 hours, next to a bird lake. The breather is available from May until September at 12-3 pm.

There are two tree tents at the site and you can choose either of them. The one with the best view is attached at about 1,8 metres. The other one is attached lower and it is accessible also for people with hip aches etc.

You can see through the mesh fabric of the tent which also keeps mosquitoes away, and there is also a rain cover so you or the tent won’t get wet.

The best weather for the breather is a bit cloudy but dry, so it doesn’t get too hot during your stay in the tree tent.

The price includes:
– using the tree tents and the camp site for 1-6 people depending on the price list during 12-3 pm
– air filled camping mattresses for three in both tents
– using the campfire place and the firewood, not allowed during forest fire warning
– using the eco-toilet including water, soap, hand sanitizer and hand towel

Kommee Kurki is part of Think Sustainably Programme of Visit Tampere, and as LGBTQ-friendly destination, we are a member of We Speak Gay -community.

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