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A Grandstand view of memorable events. The hotel rooms and the conference facilities both feature balconies to Nokia Arena. They can also be joined together for extra space. Here, a memorable experience is guaranteed.

Arena View Lounge
Perfect for dinners, get-togethers and meetings, seats at the table and in the audience for 12 people. Lounge for relaxation. The lounge has two saunas and a changing room.

Arena View Aitio
An option of an interlinked Arena View Double or Arena View Twin hotel room through a connecting door. Perfect for dinners or meetings, for example. A table for six and audience seats for five.

Connect a Viewing Lounge with a Hotel Room
In the world of viewing lounges, everything is possible. Hosting places heavy demand on facilities, which is why we have made it possible to connect two very different types of spaces. Simply by opening the connecting door, you can enjoy the luxury of using both a conference room and a hotel room. This doubles the number of seats in the viewing lounge terraces, and as the host, you can stay in the Arena View room after your event.

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