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During the open water season one usually fishes from a boat, the method being mostly spinning and jigging. Thanks to knowing the local areas thoroughly, our guides will always take you to the best fishing spots. Of course, our guides also have strong experience in fishing. They will teach you the fishing techniques and make sure that the gear is working flawlessly.

The most important game fish species are zander and perch, and for both of these, jigging is an ingenious catching method. While fishing for perch and zander, you might get a pike to bend your rod – or even a species originating from the River Kokemäenjoki, an asp.

Asp has a reputation of being a tough fighter, and is always a real treat to have at the other end of the line. The fishers always get to take their catch home with them, and the fish can also be gutted and filleted ready so you’re sure to take some fresh, local food straight from the “producer”.

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