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Book a sauna experience at UNITY Tampere Trikootehdas!

In the shelter of the old tricot factory, there is a modern Lake sauna, from the decks of which you can admire Lake Pyhäjärvi. For decades, the brick walls of the factory were a shelter for professionals in the clothing industry, and the shadow of the chimney passed across the yard like a sundial during the working day. Now we have named the meeting room connected to the sauna after this. Piippukabinetti fits max. 25 people and the sauna is suitable for 10 people at once. Piippukabinetti has meeting equipment, a kitchen and the option to order catering services. Order pizza and refreshments from the Mad Finn brewery!

Piippukabinetti has access to a wonderful outdoor terrace, from which the scenery opens directly to Pyhäjärvi. Book Piippukabinetti and Lake Sauna either together or separately!

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