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The Future of Live Music in Finland! The music venue G Livelab Tampere offers a new kind of live music experience built on quality programming, state of the art audio facilities and modern design. At G Livelab you’ll experience performances by top artists from Finland and abroad in the best possible setting – whether enjoying the delicate sounds of a string quartet, the loud guitars of a rock band or anything in between. Situated in a historical red brick building in the heart of the city, G Livelab Tampere opened its doors to the public in summer 2019. G Livelab Tampere has received several awards, e.g. the World’s Best Concert Hall Award (Mondo DR* 2020) and the Industry Award for the best music venue in Finland (2020 and 2021). G Livelab Tampere’s concerts have no age limit.

G Livelab Tampere also hosts a variety of company events, private events and parties.

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