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The sustainably-minded Nolla glamping cabins explore the space between connecting and disconnecting, wilderness and primitive luxury. Our eco-friendly cabins offer zero-emission accommodation in unique locations in the midst of nature.

Viikinsaari is a unique island located just 20 minutes from the centre of Tampere, offering a variety of services and activities for all ages. Up to 71 % of the island’s surface area is nature reserve, making it an important ecological site. Viikinsaari has been a recreational area since the mid-19th century. Tampere’s oldest restaurant also operates on the island.

Viikinsaari’s Nolla Cabins are located on the south side of the island, in the heart of the grove of trees. Depending on the location of the cabin, you can either enjoy a magnificent view of the lake or the diverse forest with its grand pine trees. The large windows of the cabin and its tent-like architecture make it a unique place to stay. You can truly experience sleeping in the middle of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The Nolla cabin is ideal for two guests, but it comfortably accommodates families with children as well, as the beds can be arranged into one large bed. The cabins are well-equipped and feature high-quality blankets and pillows, as well as amenities such as a stove, cooking utensils, and eco-friendly disposable tableware. Cabins are equipped also with lights, electrical outlets and a heater, allowing for comfortable stays even during cooler times. Pets are also welcome in one of the cabins, as it is pet-friendly.

Nolla provides boat transportation for its guests, and a shared sauna session is also included in the accommodation price. Enhance your island adventure and enjoy water activities by renting single kayaks, canoe or SUP boards from Nolla.

Come enjoy a unique accommodation experience at Viikinsaari’s Nolla cabins and make your summer unforgettable amidst the island’s stunning natural surroundings and diverse amenities!

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