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The most interesting places to stay in Tampere

The tallest hotel of Tampere is of course the “Tower”, officially Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. It’s actually the highest hotel in the whole country! The hotel is situated right next to Tampere railway station and it combines modern architecture with historical locomotive garages that have been turned into innovative meeting and party rooms. It’s all a celebration of local history and culture so even if you’re not staying overnight, pop in to Moro Sky Bar for a drink and a magnificent view over the city!

For more than a touch of high-class you should make your way to Radisson Blu Grand Hotel Tammer. This “Grand Hotel” has been in business since 1929 and overlooks the Tammerkoski rapids in the city centre. Tammer is all about history of Tampere and Finland, and the building holds many stories of important people and events. The distinguished environment with all its glorious details makes this hotel a unique place for a party as well. If staying overnight, try sleeping in Field Marshal Mannerheim’s former suite!

You can sense the atmosphere of Lapland in Tampere in the aptly named Lapland Hotels Tampere and its newer sibling, Lapland Hotels Arena. Both have convenient locations near Tampere Hall and Nokia Arena with the best events in town, and only a ten-minute walking distance to the city centre. The hotels have cozy, exotic interiors, and highly praised restaurants serving flavours of Lapland. The restaurants are worth visiting even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.

Unique style can be found also at Dream Hotel. It is on the upper floor from the world-renowned Dream Hostel that has won many international prizes. Dream Hotel is a distinctive and small, but modern design hotel. Its twin rooms offer Scandinavian clean design and lightness.

Lillan Hotel & Kök is a unique boutique hotel in the district Viinikka a couple of kilometres from the city centre. The small hotel is situated right next to Viinikka Church. Restaurant Lillan Kök serves fresh ingredients with Scandinavian flavors and sensual tastes of the world.

Among the colorful wooden houses of Viinikka you will find the atmospheric Villa Lullan. The guest room for two is full of beautiful and thoughtful details. A soft bed ensures a good night sleep and in the morning you can head out to the garden to enjoy your coffee. Be sure to experience also the soft steams of Lullan’s sauna. In the summer time the room rental includes two (pledged) bicycles.

Would you like to spend a night in the kingdom of cats? Head to Cat Café Purnauskis! No guarantees of a good night sleep, but you´ll definitely spend your night in a good, cute and very fluffy company.

Conference Hotel Murikanranta is a unique restaurant, meeting and accommodation center in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish nature. Whether your day was strictly of tight business or filled with recreational experiences, Murikanranta guarantees comfortable accommodation and sweet dreams. At the conference hotel, you will find single and twin rooms as well as family rooms, which can accommodate four guests. Murikanranta is located  in about 40 minute drive from Tampere city centrum.

Places to stay while visiting the Tampere region

Located in a magnificent 1920’s building in Mänttä, hotel Mäntän Klubi offers unique accommodation from basic accommodation to luxury rooms. Over the years, the unique atmosphere of the Mäntän Klubi has been enjoyed by countless international politicians, as well as the Presidents of Finland.

Staying in a treehouse in Luomajärven Hevoskievari is a unique experience! Enjoy the nature, surrounding silence and landscape and see the stars from the big windows while lying in bed.

How about sleeping in a tent hanging in the air? This is possible in a tentsile -tent in Kommee Kurki. The tent is hung between trees, off the ground! Private spot byt the lake Lintujärvi gives you a unique experience.