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Animal farms and petting zoos in the Tampere Region


In Tampere you get to see lots of different animals, for example in Särkänniemi: exotic fish in the Aquarium and at Doghill there are sweet sheep, chickens, ponies, puppies and pigs. But if you want to get to a stroking distance, there are some great places for that as well!

Domestic Animal Farm Ponimaa is situated in Orivesi, about 40 km from Tampere, and in the courtyard you get to see the dwellers – Friesian horses, ponies, miniature ponies, donkeys, goats (e.g. African miniature goats), sheep, miniature pigs, bunnies, chickens, ducks, peacocks, golden pheasants, doves, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and of course dogs and cats. At the bunny fortress you get to pet little bunnies, and on the hour there’s free-of-charge pony rides for children. There’s also an imp’s hut, a frog pond and a stable for hobby horses. If you look very carefully, you might even see some fairies and goblins!

In Sastamala, there’s Kiviniitty domestic animal farm with about 200 animals, over 30 species from sheep to calves and horses to rabbits – nearly all the Finnish farm animals are represented. At the farm there’s also a café and spots for having a barbecue, as well as specialities such as alpacas, ostriches, nandus, highland cattle, a yak and guonakos. You don’t have to travel to Lapland to see something a bit more rare in this latitude – reindeer! In addition to the animals, there’s a lot to do for the kids: horse ride on a lead, trampolines, a big bouncy castle, playground and a witch’s cottage.

Have you ever seen a real life ostrich? If not, you should get your bearings set towards Pälkäne and the Syrjynen ostrich farm! At the farm you get to see some ostriches, of course, but also Highland cattle, wild boars, fallow deer, chickens and roosters, bunnies and cats, and in the summertime also sheep and pigs. A café serves the visitors.

Also in Pälkäne, you can find the Niitty-Seppälä farm and petting zoo, where both children and adults will enjoy themselves. Piglets, a pony, bunnies, chickens and goatlings, also walked horse riding is available. Do you dare to visit the Ogre’s Cave? If not, there’s also a nature trail with tricky questions to solve along the way, and on the playground there’s a slide, a merry-go-round and swings to make your head spin. At the farm you can also pick your own berries or buy them from the market. The farm café is open for visitors in the summer.


Countryside Field Kari Savolaisen Peltokuva Laura Vanzon Editointi

Domestic Animal Farm Ponimaa

Kallioniemi 14, 35220 Eräjärvi
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Visit Tampere Smiling Little Girl At Särkänniemi Doghill Koiramäki Laura Vanzo

Särkänniemi Doghill

Särkänniemi, 33230 Tampere
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Visittampere Sarkanniemen Akvaario

Särkänniemi Aquarium

Särkänniemi, Tampere
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Countryside Field Kari Savolaisen Peltokuva Laura Vanzon Editointi

Reippi Farm

Museotie 6, 33980 Pirkkala
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Syrjysen Strutsitila

Syrjynen ostrich farm

Kirvuntie 76, Pälkäne
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