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Best kept secrets of Tampere


Your Tampere experience is left rather superficial, if you don’t step away from the main street Hämeenkatu. We have a few locals’ secrets you shouldn’t miss!

Tampere is a compact and thus walking-friendly city. Locals love their city and get comfortable in its distinctive cafés, nature and art galleries. Tourists have not taken over the city, and you’re bound to find locals anywhere you go. Here are a few suggestions on finding the truly local Tampere:


Get lost in the woods

Possibly the most touristy thing to do in Tampere is to go for a doughnut, whether it is to the original Pyynikki observation tower café, or their addition at the Central Square. If you want to amp up your experience, don’t stay at the café to finish your delicacy – go to the woods! From the observation tower terrace, follow a wide forest path towards Pispala and enjoy your coffee and doughnut on a lookout rock. Is there more romantic a thing to do than sip coffee while a view of lake Pyhäjärvi opens up in front of you? During summertime this is also a fine spot for wine or some locally brewed beer.

Locals love a trek and walk route around lake Suolijärvi in Hervanta! Get off the bus at Teekkarinkatu street and you’re right next to a beach, from where you can follow a trail around the lake and forget about the rest of the world. Enjoy your peace and quiet!


When hunger strikes

These are the places you only hear about from the locals. A few of them are a bit further from the city centre but they are definitely worth the trip. Don’t judge the book by its cover, or a cake by its icing – no room for prejudice here!

Wanha Tappi serves the juiciest burgers in the middle of idyllic wooden house neighbourhood of Nekala. Not just vegetarians will love their Hippie Burger! The menu also features wings, a Tampere speciality as you may come to notice. Deli 1909 & Wine Bar has mouthwatering tapas and wine combinations, and an atmosphere to match. Zeytuun’s modern ethnic kitchen is all about mezes, salads and filled pitas that all fit vegetarians as well.

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Tampere has some tasty hideaways that you might not notice by just walking around. Stable Yards Café has freshly baked goods too good to resist, in a romantic milieu from the times of the Finlayson factory’s horse stables. Bar Piilo is Tammela’s most comfy, relaxed and softest shared livingroom! In addition to sweets and foods you can pick a book from the shelf or play board games with your friends. Kahvila-konditoria Mari delights in Nekala wooden house area and tempts people to come from far away for self-made baguettes and pastries. The low prices are just a plus!


Thirsty for fun?

Tampere’s artistic gig venues guarantee a fun night out. Our favourite spots are Culture House Telakka and Cult Pub Huurupiilo. Telakka is an atmospheric bar where many artists gather together. Enjoy live music and chilling! Huurupiilo hosts some of the hottest gigs in town!

Tampere has an amazing range of small breweries. Best places to enjoy them over a relaxed pub dinner are e.g. Restaurant & Brewery Plevna and Gastropub Tuulensuu!


A bit more unique, a bit more local

Fancy a movie? Instead of going to one of the big cinemas, try a small and local one! Niagara cinema in Kehräsaari by the Ratina bay is a sympathetic little theatre, and next to it is Arthouse Cafe Kehräsaari which definitely counts to the locals’ best kept secrets and is a good idea for a pre- or post movie drink and snack!

Tiima is a very mystically located clock shop – or actually an intoxicatingly delicious secret pub, a speakeasy that hopes its location stays a secret from the masses on social media. This pub you have to experience for yourself!

If shopping is at all your thing, we recommend to go on a hunt for local design. With the Design on Tampere map you’ll be sure to find some local style to your wardrobe or apartment!