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Changing exhibitions in Tampere


There are many interesting exhibitions in Tampere, permanent and changing – we have gathered here the current changing exhibitions, you can find more information on the permanent exhibitions from venues’ websites.


Moomin Museum

Moomins and the Sea 15.2.2020-31.1.2021. This exhibition takes a look at the Moomins’ nature-loving lifestyle through a selection of Jansson’s original illustrations, featuring images of the Moomin characters embarking on adventurous sea voyages and enjoying picnics on rocky shores. The Moomins always treat nature with respect. They eat, live, and travel in harmony with the environment. Their simple lifestyle is kind to the earth and the sea. Like the Moomins, we can all consider nature in our daily choices, and everyone can do their bit to help protect the Baltic Sea. After all, the sea is made up of many small droplets.


Museum Centre Vapriikki

The Theatre City 7.6.2019-31.12.2021. June brings the opening of an exhibition on the theatrical history of Tampere, rich with emotion, struggles and great stories. With this exhibition, Vapriikki brings back selected scenes played out on the stages of our city’s numerous theatres. The spotlight is on the play – from Hamlet to West Side Story – and on famous thespians, among them the divas of their day.

Ostia, Gateway to Rome 1.11.2019—10.1.2021. This exhibition introduces the bustling life of Ostia, the ancient port city of Rome. Museum guests will walk the streets and alleys of Ostia, where the riverboats to Rome are loaded, and where the locals trade, worship the gods, visit the spa, and spend time at the tavern. On display are objects relating to the city and everyday life within it: statues, amphorae, money, gaming chips, toys, jewelry, and objects associated with beauty care, school, and slavery. Younger visitors can take part in the hunt for Fortuna’s lost treasure chest. 

Finlayson 200 – a factory that became a brand 23.6.2020—. The ‘Finlayson 200’ exhibition presents the development of the Finlayson factory on the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids into the Nordic region’s largest industrial enterprise and beyond, with adaptation to a new, post-industrial era.

Tuesday Dinner – A Food Trip to the Seventies 2.6.2020-31.1.2021. Tuesday Dinner dives into the world of the strong, bold and colourful food pictures and easy recipes of the 1970s.

Postal Museum’s exhibition: Unforgettable letters from Finland 14.2.2020-31.1.2021. Letters conveying both big and small emotions are the stars of this exhibition. The touching letters are about love, joy, excitement, sadness, yearning, worries, hope and sympathy. Visitors can enjoy some of the letters exhibited as interpreted by the much-loved actors Seela Sella and Esko Roine.

Finnish Museum of Games’ exhibition: Old Board Game Treasures 8.9.2020-4.1.2021. The Old Board Game Treasures exhibition turns the spotlight on six nearly forgotten board games from 1879 to 1975. A selection of eloquent, visually appealing game boards from the 1870s to the present day is also on display. Replicas of old board games are available for visitors to play.


Tampere Art Museum

The Young Artist of the Year 2020 — Aapo Huhta 12.9.-8.11.2020. Aapo Huhta is an artist photographer working in Helsinki. He graduated as Master of Fine Arts from Aalto University in 2015. Huhta focuses on experimental documentarism. The art of books of photography and related experiments with different methods and narratives are important aspects of his works. Huhta has published two books of photographs, Block (Kehrer Verlag, 2015) and Omatandangole (Kehrer Verlag, 2019) and has held solo exhibitions in Finland, Germany and Sweden. Aapo Huhta is the 36th Young Artist of the Year.

Space Works – Backlight 2020 12.9.-8.11.2020. The exhibition Space Works is part of the Backlight 2020, Related Realities photographic art event. Space Works explores and tests our relationship with outer space. It consists of contemporary artworks addressing the themes of hope and opportunity as well as the threats and suspicion that we associate with the infinite universe beyond our home planet.


Hiekka Art Museum

The Art Collection consists of almost 400 pieces of art, mainly Finnish art from the 1850’s until today.

Double-Eagle 12.3.2020–17.1.2021. Items from the Tsarist era.


Sara Hildén Art Museum

Associates 12.9.2020–17.1.2021. The featured artists of the Associates exhibition are at the same time members of the Tampere Artists’ Association and represented in the Sara Hildén Foundation Collection: Tomas Byström, Tuula Lehtinen, Osmo Rauhala, Teemu Saukkonen, Jyrki Siukonen and Ilkka Väätti.


The National Police Museum

The Police Museum brings us the special exhibition celebrating the centennial year of Finland’s independence, Public order collapses 1917 – When hatred became a virtue and revenge a merit takes museum visitors through the turmoil of the birth year of independent Finland. What happens when opposing opinions divide a country and citizens no longer trust the authorities? The exhibition is on display until October 31.


The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

The Steam Engine Museum introduces the largest steam engine in Finland at its original location. The flywheel of the machine is eight meters wide and it has 1600 horsepower. The machine was used at the Finlayson mill in the early 20th century. Exhibition Meirän kaupunki tells about the working life of the factory city in the decades of the 20th century. In the exhibition you can step into the cooperative shop or feel the workplace’s atmosphere. The Museum of Freedom is an exhibition which looks at Finnish society and the history of independence. The protagonists of the conducting exhibition are ordinary Finns and different minorities instead of great men.

Memories from Finlayson – 200 years of the factory site 21.2.2020-6.1.2021. Memories from Finlayson exhibition tells about the experiences of people who have worked in the factory area for 200 years. In addition, the exhibition features personal portraits of those currently working in the area.


Lenin Museum

The changing theme of the exhibition currently presents socialist childhood in socialist countries and families based on socialism in the 1970s and 1990s. You can listen to the memories of people who grew up in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, as well as in Finland, and take a peek into the room of a Finnish pioneer child. In addition, you can watch nostalgic children’s programs from all over Eastern Europe, listen to old children’s songs and try out the early version of the Tetris computer game from 1984.


Museum Milavida

Carry me – A Century of Handbags 21.2.–15.11.2020. Carry me – A Century of Handbags exhibition explores women’s handbag fashion from 1920-2020. The exhibition showcases about 50 iconic handbags, many of which have become classics due to their famous carriers. Marlene Dietrich, Grace Kelly, Jaqueline Kennedy-Onassis and Princess Diana are present with their handbags at the exhibition. The bags are collected from Italian private collections.


Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum

The autumn exhibition of the Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum in Kangasala is From Images to Collection – The art of the city of Kangasala. The exhibition examines with examples how the public art collection is created and accumulated. It appears to the townies as portraits in the council hall, graphics in the workrooms and waiting areas of health centers, illustrations on the walls of schools and kindergartens, and sculptures in parks and squares. Exhibition is on display 19.9.2020-3.1.2021.


Serlachius museums 

The Serlachius museums are located in the Art Town of Mänttä-Vilppula.

Gösta Art Museum

The Quest for Happiness – Italian Art Now 26.10.2019—27.9.2020. The Quest for Happiness – Italian Art Now presents a selection of the most interesting Italian contemporary artists. Their common theme is the quest for happiness. The majority of them have never exhibited in Finland before.

Procedural Memory 21.3.2020—7.3.2021. Petri Eskelinen’s interactive sculptures. How do we interpret something as alive? Could the basis of discussion be movement? The works of Petri Eskelinen are often thought experiments on topical issues that he has modelled into various kinds of devices. Eskelinen, who is known for his moving interactive sculptures, works by means of technical experimentation.

How About the Future? 1.2.2020—7.3.2021. Photographic artist Nanna Hänninen addresses the themes of insecurity and otherness as well as climate change. In her works, she has focused on depicting the individual’s experience in society and has addressed themes such as insecurity and otherness as well as the need for and the impossibility of control.

Forthcoming: Artists and Models Disguise Self-Portraits 24.10.2020—18.4.2021. In his exhibition, Artists and Models, renowned Canadian artist Rodney Graham brings to the Serlachius Museums his disguise self-portraits for which he is best known.

Gustaf Museum

Behind the Pulp Gate – Work and Stories from Mänttä pulp mill 29.2.2020—. The exterior form of a pulp mill is familiar to many people. But what happens inside a mill?

Forthcoming: Glamour – Famous Gowns on the Silver Screen 26.9.2020—10.1.2021. Awarded costumes of Rome legendary costume house Tirelli Costumi from classic motion pictures and theatre. In addition to the costumes, the exhibition includes jewellery, costume sketches, fabric samples, interviews with directors, costume designers and costume makers, as well as photographic material from the everyday life of a costume house.



Escape from the museum 11.04.2019 – 31.10.2020. The shadows above the city lengthen. No one is moving on the street, everyone is locked in their homes. An unexplained disease is spreading in the city. Inspector Koskinen has come to investigate the problem and a number of other Finnish experts in criminal investigation have also been invited to help. The investigations have not gone smoothly and they need help. Could you help? Pukstaavi – Museum of Finnish Book’s Escape from the museum uniquely combines the tradition of detective literature with the logic of an escape room game. This is not a typical museum exhibition but an escape room where you can dive into literature.


Voipaala Art Centre

Nordic Outsider Craft 12.9.-15.11.2020

Kettuki Artist of the Year – Danish visual artist Michael Rasmussen 12.9.-15.11.2020



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