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Changing exhibitions in Tampere


There are many interesting exhibitions in Tampere, permanent and changing – we have gathered here the current changing exhibitions, you can find more information on the permanent exhibitions on the venues’ websites.


Moomin Museum

What happens next? exhibition was renewed this spring, and the space for changing exhibitions (Observatory) in Moomin Museum was expanded. All original Tove Jansson illustrations were changed to new treasures selected from the museum collection. 

A new exhibition, From Mardie to the Noisy Village: Ilon Wikland’s storybook illustrations, is open at Observatory till Sep 19, 2021. Ilon Wikland is known especially for her illustrations in Astrid Lindgren’s books. Observatory’s winter exhibition is Joy Everyday: the Illustration Art of Camilla Mickwitz. Camilla Mickwitz’s personally colorful style is timeless and original. The exhibition has been implemented in collaboration with the Children’s Literature Institute.


Museum Centre Vapriikki

Museum Centre Vapriikki will open two big changing exhibitions in 2021. The Knights exhibition, which leads you to wild adventures, runs till Dec 5, 2021. The exhibition Tampere in Flames opens in October. You can expect harsh training, brilliant tournaments, and luxurious life in castles, but also heroic stories of firefighters at Tampere.

Postal Museum’s exhibition: A cup of coffee and the morning paper is open 28.5.-28.8.2022. The exhibition brings out the importance of the morning paper, its digital breakout, and the role of the distributors. The exhibition shows the whole journey of the paper from print to the mailbox and to the breakfast table, ending to what the paper is used for after that.

Finnish Museum of Games’ exhibition: Noita – The Long Journey of a Game Idea 4.9.2021 – 12.12.2021. The exhibition describes the development of a game starting from the preliminary first ideas through various phases all the way towards a proper game.

The Finnish Ice Hockey Museum’s exhibition: The role of referee is open from September 15 till March, 2022.


Tampere Art Museum 

From October 2, 2021 till Jan 30, 2022 Tampere Art Museum shows paintings by painter Magnus Enckell (1870–1925), who is known as a representative of Finnish symbolism. Magnus Enckell also plays a role in art history of Tampere, as the altarpiece in the Cathedral, the Ascension fresco and the large and colourful glass painting above it were painted by him.


Sara Hildén Art Museum

The museum is closed till Sep 24, 2021 due to change of the exhibition. The forthcoming exhibition opening on Sep 25, will be
Marcel Dzama‘s Tonight We Dance. The New York -based artist has a style that is easy to recognize, and the exhibition depicts dance-related works. 



The National Police Museum

The new exhibition at the Police museum is called The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland. Forged artwork, criminal art trade, fraud, money laundering and embezzlement – there are many faces of art crime. The exhibition includes counterfeit works by “Gallen-Kallela”, “Schjerfbeck” and “Picasso”. All of the works are now part of the National Police Museum’s collections. 


The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

The Steam Engine Museum introduces the largest steam engine in Finland at its original location. The flywheel of the machine is eight meters wide and it has 1600 horsepower. The machine was used at the Finlayson mill in the early 20th century. Exhibition Meirän kaupunki tells about the working life of the factory city in the decades of the 20th century. In the exhibition you can step into the cooperative shop or feel the workplace’s atmosphere.

Kaleidoscope – the children of the Cold War till October 24, 2021. The exhibition is based on childhood memories that were collected in different parts of the world during 2019-2020. The Cold War influenced children’s lives but in the end the childhood memories were surprisingly similar on both sides of the Iron Curtain.


Lenin Museum

The changing theme of the exhibition currently presents socialist childhood in socialist countries and families based on socialism in the 1970s and 1990s. You can listen to the memories of people who grew up in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, as well as in Finland, and take a peek into the room of a Finnish pioneer child. In addition, you can watch nostalgic children’s programs from all over Eastern Europe, listen to old children’s songs and try out the early version of the Tetris computer game from 1984.


Museum Milavida

Vapriikki’s sister museum, Museum Milavida, invites you Back to the 20s. The exhibition takes you to the fashion world of the 1920s and lets you celebrate the Jazz Age by showing what people did in their freetime a hundred years ago.


Emil Aaltonen museum

Emil Aaltonen museum is open after renovation. The current temporary exhibition is Nanso 100 which is about the brand and its 100-year-old history. The exhibition is open until February 27, 2022.



Machines and people exhibition tells a story of how roads were built and maintained starting from narrow paths in the woods leading to virtual roads of today.


Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum

From July, 3 till Sep 26, 2021 Kimmo Pyykkö Art Museum has paintings by the Lappish artist, Reidar Särestöniemi depicting colourful sceneries in Lapland.


Serlachius museums 

The Serlachius museums are located in the Art Town of Mänttä-Vilppula.

Gösta Art Museum

Banksy. A visual protest 15.5.-10.10.2021 Book your visit online and see the works of the world’s most famous street artist.

The Truth Till Sep 5, 2021. Jani Leinonen’s magical installation uses centuries-old stained-glass techniques. 

Posing time Till March 6, 2022. Santeri Tuori (b. 1970) depicts trees and clouds, but is not content with merely observing the mysteries of nature.

Classic works of Fina Art at the Manor. A wide selection of the most beautiful classic pieces from the Fine Art Foundation’s collection.

Gustaf Museum
Head to toe Simon Patterson’s art works 6.2.2021—9.1.2022. As starting points for his works, Simon Patterson (b. 1967) uses maps, diagrams, lists and instruction manuals, which aid us as we try to manage and structure an increasingly complex world.

Behind the Pulp Gate – Work and Stories from Mänttä pulp mill 29.2.2020—. The exterior form of a pulp mill is familiar to many people. But what happens inside a mill?



Favourite books The changing exhibition shows a collection of books picked by 10-year-olds.


Voipaala Art Centre

Morning – Day – Night Three artists, Markku Arantila, Pekka Hepoluhta, Jari Jula, created drawings and paintings each concentrating  on a different time of the day.
Pause by Lotta Leka, Kristiina Töyry, Heli Väisänen is an exhibition about finding (inner) peace in interaction with nature.