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Moomin Museum

Tumpkin’s Time – Poems by Kirsi Kunnas 29.4.2023-7.1.2024. The exhibition showcases the characters of the Tumpkin books, created by children’s author Kirsi Kunnas.

Tampere Hall

Dinosaurs 1.7.-13.8.2023. Opening in July, the new and exciting summer exhibition tears away the fern curtain of mystery and gives a peek into the world inhabited by ferocious lizards and inventive vegetarians. The family friendly exhibition contains moving and vocal dinosaur figures, which have been made to look like their prehistoric counterparts down to the smallest detail.

Sara Hildén Art Museum

Art in Space, Space in Art 10.6.-3.9.2023. The Sara Hildén Art Museum’s summer exhibition explores space in art and art in space. The exhibition includes a collection of works from Antti Oikarinen, Silja Rantanen, Nina Roos, Jussi Niva and Pentti Lumikangas. The exhibition also includes works by Lucio Fontana, Otto Boll and Victor Vasarely, as well as a selection from the Sara Hildén Foundation’s extensive collection of kinetic art.

Museum Centre Vapriikki

Tampere in Flames 1.10.2021-13.8.2023. The exhibition brings to life the story of fires and fire prevention. The exhibition introduces visitors to five famous fires in Tampere and reflects on the ways they have changed the city’s residents lives.

Once Upon a Time, a Story of the Origin of Fairy Tales 28.4.2023-10.3.2024. The new exhibition opening in April tells the story of fairy tales, heroes and heroines. It features both familiar and less familiar fairy tales from Europe and beyond, taking visitors across the seven lands and the seven seas.

Moomin Games Over the Decades 19.4.-1.10.2023. The Moomin game exhibition will introduce visitors to Moomin-themed games made over the decades, ranging from the Moomin board game originally published in the 1950’s to modern mobile games.

Packaged dreams are on display at the Postal Museum from October 14th 2022 till December 17th 2023. The exhibition dives into packages, the nostalgia of mail order, the phenomena of today’s online shopping and look to the future.

The Joy of Sticks – A Brief History of Game Controllers is the new exhibition at the Finnish Museum of Games and open for public from February 21nd until November 12th 2023.

Tampere Art Museum

Eetu Huhtala – Pillow Forts & Other Soft Things 17.6.-15.10.2023. Eetu Huhtala’s oeuvre consists of mechanical and large-scale metal sculptures and other multisensory works. His conceptual creations are based on workaday objects and technical devices that function contrary to expectations and reason, with no objective.

Backlight2023: Cruel Radiance 17.6.-15.10.2023. Backlight is a festival of photography produced by Photographic Centre Nykyaika. Cruel Radiance explores the processes that are slowly destroying the world’s living conditions and the scars left by sudden geopolitical crises.

The National Police Museum

The coloured truthArt crime in Finland 25.3.2021-16.12.2023. Forged artwork, criminal art trade, fraud, money laundering and embezzlement – there are many faces of art crime. The exhibition includes counterfeit works by “Gallen-Kallela”, “Schjerfbeck” and “Picasso”. All of the works are now part of the National Police Museum’s collections.

The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

Ysäri; The 90’s 7.10.2022-8.10.2023. Finland’s first museum exhibition about the 1990’s, Ysäri, tells about everyday change and shared memories: more than a hundred people donated objects and pictures from the 1990’s for the exhibition.

Likainen työ; Dirty Work 3.2.-6.8.2023. The new main exhibition Likainen työ opens up at Werstas museum. Photo journalist Miikka Pirinen’s exhibition is about workers in the fossil energy industry. The photographs in the exhibition give a face to the peat diggers and coal miners, whose lives are at a turning point due to the climate disaster and the future of the professions in the field.

Did you know the entrance to the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas is free of charge?

Museum Milavida

Bridal Bliss 31.3.2023-3.3.2024. The exhibition is a journey into the history of wedding customs. Why did the bridal crown have myrtle and orange blossoms? How did the bride prepare for her wedding night? The exhibition features, for example, photographs, artefacts and old wedding dresses.

Demolition Art House Pinni47

TAMK Fine Art Graduates – Dust Bunnies groub exhibition 7.6 – 16.7. 2023. The second floor of Pinni47 hosts five graduates from the Tampere University of Applied Sciences Fine Art studies. The exhibited graduates show their work as follows: Teuta Pashnjari: 14.-18.6., Gabriella Presnal: 21.-25.6., Emily Laakso: 28.6.-2.7., Salla Kuoppamaa: 5.-9.7., Mia Huu: 12.-16.7.

KOTELO SPACE (Duo Aarni Tujula and Anni Vilkko) 7.-22.6. 2023. An open workshops is operated from 7th to 11th of June, where participants get to create their own little peace of art from bio materials. The collaboartion work will be exhibitioned from 14th of June to 22nd of June. The project’s heart lies with working with your hands and exploring new materials while strenghtening one’s connection to nature.

Serlachius museums 

Undercurrent 25.3.-3.9.2023. The exhibition presents the artist Pirjetta Brander’s drawings, graphics, animation and sculptures in a variety of ways. The works in the exhibition are based on movement and line.

Haze 13.5.-8.10.2023. American Lorna Simpson is considered one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time. The multidisciplinary artist works with photography, painting, collages and sculptures, and challenges the traditional view of memory, identity, gender, race and history. Simpson’s exhibition Haze presents a cross-section of her versatile production, with an emphasis on a series of monumental ice paintings.

Night and Day 25.3.2023-3.3.2024. Video installation by Elena Näsänen intertwines two scenes from different parts of Europe struggling with climate change. One of the scenes takes place on an island in Northern Europe, the other in a desolate mountain region in Southern Europe.

In the Gustaf Museum Behind the Pulp Gate tells about pulp production in Mänttä. The interview-based narration highlights the people behind the process diagrams and production figures, approaching the topic from the perspective of everyday life and work. Genesis offers an alternative perspective on the birth of Mänttä’s paper industry. The artists highlight the role of the workers and, on the other hand, the economic and foreign political interests that guided the actions of the management of the Serlachius company. Both of the exhibitions are open until November 19th 2023.

Apothecary’s Trade House leads us to the times of G. A. Serlachius. In its functional workshops you can learn about the operations and professions of an old pharmacy. This workshop exhibition is directed particularly to children and young people. Its touchable and testable exhibits provide interesting activities to adults as well. The exhibition is open in the Gustaf Museum until November 19th 2023.

Paper Devil 11.5.2013-19.11.2023. The exhibition at the Gustaf Museum tells the story of the petulant paper mill owner in a completely new way, and offers an intensely dramatized and visual experience for viewers.

See also Mobilia in Kangasala, Pukstaavi in Sastamala, and Lenin Museum in Tampere!