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Changing exhibitions in Tampere

There are many interesting exhibitions in Tampere, permanent and changing – we have gathered here the current changing exhibitions, you can find more information on the permanent exhibitions on the venues’ websites.


Moomin Museum

In addition to the permanent exhibition with Tove Jansson’s original drawings at Moomin Museum, there is another exhibition space: Observatory’s winter exhibition is Joy Everyday: the Illustration Art of Camilla Mickwitz. Camilla Mickwitz’s personally colorful style is timeless and original. The exhibition has been implemented in collaboration with the Children’s Literature Institute. The exhibition runs till April, 24, 2022.


Museum Centre Vapriikki

Museum Centre Vapriikki is closed to renovation till February, 10. On February, 25, they open the new exhibition: Monkeys! A primate story. The exhibition Tampere in Flames is open till mid-August, 2022. 

Postal Museum’s exhibition: A cup of coffee and the morning paper is open 28.5.-28.8.2022. The exhibition brings out the importance of the morning paper, its digital breakout, and the role of the distributors. The exhibition shows the whole journey of the paper from print to the mailbox and to the breakfast table, ending to what the paper is used for after that.

The Finnish Ice Hockey Museum’s exhibition: The role of referee is open from September 15 till March, 2022.


Tampere Art Museum 

From October 2, 2021 till Jan 30, 2022 Tampere Art Museum shows paintings by painter Magnus Enckell (1870–1925), who is known as a representative of Finnish symbolism. Magnus Enckell also plays a role in art history of Tampere, as the altarpiece in the Cathedral, the Ascension fresco and the large and colourful glass painting above it were painted by him.

Cold soil by Heli Ryhänen is open till Jan 30, 2022. The exhibition presents mainly her works from the past few years, spatial works and sculptures.

Illusion by Eskelinen, Haaslahti, Kåhre, Partanen, Rauhala, Tikka and Vesala is open 26.2.–22.5.2022.


Sara Hildén Art Museum

Marcel Dzama‘s Tonight We Dance runs till January, 23. The New York -based artist has a style that is easy to recognize, and the exhibition depicts dance-related works. 

Anna Retulainen‘s Silence 12.2.–22.5.2022 presents works from 2003 to the present day. In her latest works, she enters into a dialogue with her previous oeuvre. The exhibition is organized according to themes, such as Still Life, Remembrance and Meetings.


The National Police Museum

The Police Museum is closed temporarily due to Covid-19. Please check the up-to-date situation from the webpage.

The new exhibition at the Police museum is called The coloured truth – Art crime in Finland. Forged artwork, criminal art trade, fraud, money laundering and embezzlement – there are many faces of art crime. The exhibition includes counterfeit works by “Gallen-Kallela”, “Schjerfbeck” and “Picasso”. All of the works are now part of the National Police Museum’s collections. 


The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

Vihreä lanka -exhibition shows photographs from the paper concentrating on environmental issues. The paper was discontinued in 2019 but the photos tell stories of Finnish history, environmental movement and active citizenship till March, 6. 

Searchin for a job? -workshops till Feb 12, 2022. Exhibition open till Apr 3, 2022.


Lenin Museum

The changing theme of the exhibition The Falling Red Star tells stories of the falling apart of the USSR.


Museum Milavida

Vapriikki’s sister museum, Museum Milavida, invites you Back to the 20s. The exhibition takes you to the fashion world of the 1920s and lets you celebrate the Jazz Age by showing what people did in their freetime a hundred years ago. When this exhibit closes in March, Milavida welcomes fashion icon Vivienne Westwood’s works at the end of April

From Apr 23, 2022 onwards Vivienne Westwoods costumes from a private collection are in Tampere!


Emil Aaltonen museum

Emil Aaltonen museum is open after renovation. The current temporary exhibition is Nanso 100  which is about the brand and its 100-year-old history. The exhibition is open until February 27, 2022.



Bella bella exhibition shows some beautiful Italian cars. Tie vie is a fascinating photo exhibit of Finnish museum roads.


Serlachius museums 

The Serlachius museums are located in the Art Town of Mänttä-Vilppula.

Gösta Art Museum

Art Odyssey is a exhibition from the world of science fiction. There are works by eight different artists inspired by science fiction. Till April 17, 2022.

Lands of Treasure by IC-98 describes the humankind’s search for direction in this world that resulted in a climate crisis. Till March 6, 2022.

Posing time Santeri Tuori (b. 1970) depicts trees and clouds, but is not content with merely observing the mysteries of nature. Till March 6, 2022. 

Classic works of Fine Art at the Manor. A wide selection of the most beautiful classic pieces from the Fine Art Foundation’s collection.


Gustaf Museum

Behind the Pulp Gate – Work and Stories from Mänttä pulp mill 29.2.2020—. The exterior form of a pulp mill is familiar to many people. But what happens inside a mill?



The changing exhibition In the  bookshelf of a fried of books  shows a collection of exlibris donated by Erkki Tuomioja.


Voipaala Art Centre

Five artists have created different types of artworks describing their relationship to the landscape in Rapolanharju ridge. The result is the Maisemissa exhibition.



Updated: 14.01.2022