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Moomin Museum

At Moomin Museum, there are always original Moomin illustrations by Tove Jansson on display. The Moomin Museum’s Observatory hosts changing exhibitions.

Tove Jansson is one of the most internationally renowned Finnish artists. She is best known as the creator of the Moomin characters and as the author of the Moomin books, but Jansson herself considered herself primarily a painter. In addition to her representational and abstract paintings, Jansson created several public monumental works, illustrations, cartoons, and comics. The exhibition “An Artist’s Life – Tove Jansson” at the Moomin Museum’s Observatory explores Jansson’s diverse artistic career alongside the phases and relationships of her life. Tove Jansson was a courageous trailblazer in her own right as an artist, individual, and woman. The exhibition is open from April 20th to May 18th, 2025.

Sara Hildén Art Museum

The spring exhibition at Sara Hildén Art Museum Red birds on green tree, presents key artists and works from the foundation’s foreign collection from the early 20th century to the present day inlcuding paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints.

In June, the art museum will open the exhibition “Under an Endless Light.” Beginning on June 8th, it will showcase the latest glass and metal works, as well as paintings, by the French artist Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Based in Paris, Jean-Michel Othoniel has a penchant for molten and reflective materials, particularly blown glass, which has been a hallmark of his artistic practice since the early 1990s.

Museum Centre Vapriikki

Vapriikki rocks! Explore the unique music phenomenon of Tampere, Manserock, in the brand new exhibition. The Manserock exhibition, on display until December 31, 2025, explores the phenomenon born in the summer of 1975, which originated from the joint Manserock tour of Juice Leskinen Coitus Int. and Alwari Tuohitorvi. The phenomenon swept across Finland and grew into mega-popularity over the following decade. Manserock left a lasting impact on the Finnish music scene and continues to resonate strongly into the 2020s.

A Fantastic Failure -exhibition examines the successes and failures of Nokia’s N-Gage from the perspectives of game developers, players, and the engineers who developed the device. Rare and previously unseen material on the development of the game console, its games, marketing, and reception is on display. Visitors can also play games on the original N-Gage consoles, of course. The exhibition is open until January 5, 2025.

Riding the Radio Waves exhibition tells the story of radio in Finland from the 1920s to the present day. How did people listen to the radio in the 1920s? And in the 2020s? What meaning did radio have and still has today?

Exhibition A good person – Why does the Holocaust affect us too? on display until May 26th, explains why a Finnish beer restaurant in Berlin became a target for antifascists in 2019.

In the Game Jam Stories exhibition, visitors dive into the colorful world of game jams in Finland. Game jams bring together a group of people interested in game development. The exhibition can be seen until April 28.

Tampere Art Museum

Tampere Art Museum has two exhibitions on display until May 5. Tuula Lehtinen – With Pleasure showcases the extensive and diverse career of the Tampere-based visual artist from the 1980s to the 2020s. The exhibition shows Tuula Lehtinen’s journey from a graphic artist to a painter and creator of public works, spanning a wide time frame. On display there are paintings, graphics, ceramic sculptures and installations.

Charles Sandison, one of Finland’s internationally well-known artists,  has created computer-based light installations indoors and outdoors around the world. His art has been described as light sculpture. In Sandison’s works, words, symbols, and movements are projected onto walls, living and interacting with each other. Exhibition visitors feel as if they are on a space journey, amidst the universe of words. The Art Museum exhibition consists of a new piece named Rhizome.

The National Police Museum

What were antenna cars? When did the colour of police flashlight turn blue? What is the origin of the police vehicle nicknames Maria and Mörkö? The next special exhibition of the Police Museum, “Marias and Mörkös”, will include a diverse display of police vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters, snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. The exhibition will open on 26th of April 2024.

The Finnish Labour Museum Werstas

The main exhibition at Werstas, United, explores working-class history from the 19th century to the present day. United is an exhibition which highlights the experiences of ordinary people and invites the visitor to join the story of better future built together.

In the Great American Depression -exhibition, iconic photographs by Dorothea Lange depict the American economic downturn of the 1930s. The most famous image features Florence Thompson, a mother of seven, whose suffering expression epitomizes the severity of the Great Depression era.

Don’t forget that the entrance to the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas is free of charge!

Museum Milavida

The Masterpieces of Fashion exhibition showcases the glamorous and colorful history of fashion from the 1770s to the 2010s. Sparkle, elegance and drama are served by the costumes of the world’s top fashion designers such as Paul Poiret, Elsa Schiaparelli, Versace, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. The oldest layer of fashion is represented by a magnificent woman’s court dress from France from the 1770s. Opening on April 12th.

Mobilia – Finnish Museum of Car and Road

The French with All the Spices exhibition is a miniature exhibition in Mobilia’s Fenno Galleria, which presents ten fascinatingly individual French car models until August 31.


Serlachius Manor

Fade Cut – Devan Shimoyaman Barber Shop Installation, on display until August 18th, 2024, combines drag queen culture, mythology, and influences from art history with the artist’s personal experiences in a carnivalistic manner. The works often address themes related to gender, sexuality, and race. The artist fearlessly integrates various materials into his paintings, such as glitter, fabric, and rhinestones, and also creates large-scale installations. “Fade Cut” presents an imaginary barber shop where people of all kinds are welcome to express themselves freely.

ROR ABC – Revolutions On Request, on display until March 23rd, 2025, is an exhibition by the Helsinki-based artist collective ROR – Revolutions On Request. Originally consisting of various representatives from visual arts, applied arts, and music, the group gradually formed into a smaller, dynamically changing artist group focusing entirely on contemporary art. The exhibition is thrilling, entertaining, explosive, and ridiculously fun! Each artwork in the exhibition contributes to the overall ROR art.

Serlachius Headquarters  is closed due to renovation and will open again in June 2024 with new exhibitions.


See also Pukstaavi in Sastamala and Lenin Museum in Tampere!