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Pizzeria Luca

Chosen as the best pizzeria in Northern Europe in 2018 and the best in Finland in 2020 and 2021, Pizzeria Luca offers authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas in the historic setting of Frenckell. Luca’s pizza dough is carefully prepared and allowed to rise for 72 hours, ensuring a perfect texture and flavor. The dough is quickly baked in a 400-degree oven, creating a crispy and delicious result. In addition to pizzas, Luca’s menu includes tasty pasta and a wide range of antipasti, completing the Italian culinary experience.

Sitko Pizza & Bar

Located on Näsilinnankatu, Sitko Pizza & Bar is known for its house-made sourdough crust, which makes the pizzas especially flavorful. Sitko’s menu is carefully curated and focuses on essentials, offering a diverse range of pizzas. Whether you prefer a classic Margherita or a bolder flavor combination, Sitko has an option for every taste.

Pizzeria Napoli

The oldest pizzeria in Tampere, Pizzeria Napoli on Aleksanterinkatu, has achieved cult status over the decades. It offers an extensive menu of 100 pizzas, ensuring that everyone finds their favorite. Besides traditional pizzas, Napoli is famous for its delicious pan pizzas, and the menu also features pasta and salads. Pizzeria Napoli does not take reservations on weekends, so be prepared for a short wait at the door.


Pulcinella offers an authentic Italian atmosphere in the Kyttälä district of Tampere. Pulcinella bakes its pizzas in a traditional stone pizza oven, giving them an authentic taste and texture. In addition to pizzas, Pulcinella’s menu includes a wide range of Italian delicacies such as pasta, risotto, and juicy meat and fish dishes.

Don Franco

Located on Tuomiokirkonkatu, Don Franco is a relaxed dining and socializing restaurant that offers pizzas baked in the original Neapolitan way, along with other Italian delicacies. Don Franco also emphasizes its drink selection, which includes a comprehensive range of wines and beers, as well as Italian grappas and cocktails.

Pizzeria Basiliko

Pizzeria Basiliko, found on Pinninkatu, specializes in the lesser-known Roman-style pizza, which stands out for its unique dough texture and preparation method. Basiliko’s pizzas are handmade from start to finish, ensuring high quality and great taste.

Il Posto Trattoria

Located in Hervanta and Lielahti, Il Posto Trattoria is a true gem for lovers of Neapolitan pizza. The restaurant prepares its pizza dough with a simple recipe using only water, flour, salt, and yeast. Baked in a stone oven, the pizza has a thin and crispy base with soft edges, providing a delicious taste experience.

Ristorante Roma

Opened in mid-June 2024 on Otavalankatu in Tampere, Ristorante Roma serves handmade Roman-style pizza. The restaurant offers ready-made pizzas, but primarily encourages customers to assemble their own pizzas – assembly instructions are found on the first page of the menu.

Via Tribunali

Opened in June 2024 at the Ratina shopping center, Via Tribunali offers authentic Neapolitan pizza, certified by AVPN as a mark of high quality and tradition. Via Tribunali was selected among the world’s top 50 pizzerias in 2022 and 2023, the first Nordic pizzeria to achieve this, guaranteeing a unique pizza experience.