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Escape rooms are playfully closed spaces, where a group must solve a given task through cooperation and reasoning before time runs out. Metaphorical keys to exit the escape room are found by solving the tasks. The best part of escape rooms is the sense of unity created by the challenge, as the whole group works together to solve the problem, as well as the feeling of success when the task is solved!

Compete with friends

Located in the heart of Tampere’s city center, Room Escape Finlayson offers a total of four escape room themes in eight different rooms, allowing multiple groups to play simultaneously. So, you can challenge your entire group of friends to compete in the same escape game theme in different rooms at the same time and find out which team is the quickest and most clever! In Room Escape Finlayson’s escape rooms, you can for example unravel a mystery on a spaceship, navigate through a nightmarish detention, or try to hide stolen diamonds before the police arrive.

After an exciting escape room adventure, you can celebrate your success by admiring the view of Lake Näsijärvi from Room Escape Finlayson’s rooftop terrace. All escape room themes are also suitable for children, and some of the escape rooms and all common areas are wheelchair accessible. The escape rooms can also be tailored according to the group’s needs. For example, what could be a better surprise for a birthday celebration than a personal puzzle to solve in an escape room!

Tampere-themed escape rooms

Getaway has two different locations in Tampere and several Tampere-themed escape rooms. In the Näsinneula room at Åkerlundinkatu, players ponder the puzzle of Särkänniemi’s broken amusement park rides, while in the Manserock room they explore the disappearance of the lead singer of local rock band Dööti Pois. At Satamakatu, participants dive into a 1950’s crime mystery in the Teatterin tähti room, which has an extended game time of 90 minutes. Mysteeri also has escape rooms based on local stories, such as the Witch of Amuri.

Other mysteries

In WayOut Tampere’s escape rooms you get to experience time travel and various dream worlds. Their newest adventure involves unraveling the mystery of a steam train that disappeared mysteriously in the early 1900’s. Entertainment Center Crazy offers bone chilling horror stories in two of their Run Out – escape rooms that are prohibited for players under 18 years old. In the escape room called Dark Room: The Human Experiment, players venture in complete darkness, making the escape room suitable also for visually impaired participants. All of their Run Out -rooms can be played in English, but the Dark Room has a short story in the beginning that is only available in Finnish but does not affect playing of the game in English.

ElämysTeeri currently has only one escape room, but what makes it unique is the viewing room next to the escape room. If your group is too large to all be playing, part of the group can choose to watch the game from the viewing room for free. It is almost like being at the movies, and you can even bring your own snacks with you! Labyrinth Games‘ escape rooms include the mysteries of the Holy Grail and inner workings of humans’ minds. Their location is also wheelchair accessible.

Did you know that escape room games can also be played in virtual reality? At Pikseli, located in the Ratina shopping center, players can put on virtual reality glasses and immerse themselves in the adventures of a virtual escape room!