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Tampere gained yet another sight when Finnish Museum of Games opened in Museum Centre Vapriikki in the beginning of 2017. Museum is first of its kind in Finland, and unique also on world level. Tampere has played and still plays an important role in the development of Finnish game industry. Gaming is gaining appreciation and it is recognized as its own subculture. Therefore, Museum Center Vapriikki opened a new museum to enrichen its museum selection.

Finnish Museum of Games tells about the gaming culture of Finland, which obviously includes the history of digital playing. The world of traditional board games and role play are also included in the museum’s exhibition. Museum of Games has two theme rooms that take the guests to 1980s brownish mood and to 21st century modern milieu.

These rooms let guests test typical games of the era, and gaming and experiences are an important role of the museum. Museum of Games has, for example, a gaming hall for trying different arcade games starting from 1970s electromechanical machines. Guests can also test more current video games and computer games. Classic board games have not been forgotten either.

In addition to all this, Museum of Games is a meeting point for the past and the present of game industry. Museum offers space for seminars, gaming marathons, different enthusiast meetings, electronic sports and why not game jammings. It is an easy access place for everyone interested in games, and also a milieu that inspires new game ideas.

Museum of Games is not only funded by the City of Tampere and Open Tampere -programme, but also by the public. An impressive amount of 86 000 € was raised to fund the museum, which tells about the volume of people loving games.