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Fishing is a very relaxing hobby – and the best thing is, that you can do it all year round! Whether you live in Tampere or you’re just visiting, remember to take full advantage of the fishing opportunities – we will tell you how!


Fishing licences

People between the ages 18-64 must pay the fishing management fee with any kind of fishing (except for angling with a hook and line or ice-fishing) which entitles angler to fish with one rod and lure. In addition, depending on the location, you might also need a permit form the water area’s owner or a special local licence, for example for rapids destinations. You can learn more about fishing in general as well as the licences from the Fishing in Finland portal.


Where to fish?

There are many fishing destinations in Tampere and the surroundings from lakes of all sizes to rapids areas. However, fishing is not allowed in all places and the fish seem to prefer some places over the others – in addition to Fishing in Finland website, and offer some information on the best fishing spots.


Fishing in Tammerkoski rapids

You don’t have to travel far to reach a good location for fishing – just step down from the main street of Tampere, Hämeenkatu, and cast your lure over the fence to the waters of Tammerkoski rapids! There are fishing enthusiasts in hope of good catches by the fence almost always. You can check the allowed fishing spots from this map. By the way, did you know that not far from Tampere, only some 20-minute drive away in Lempäälä, you can also find the Kuokkalankoski rapids with plenty of fish!



If you need to update your fishing gear, stop by at Nippon Verkko in Tampere or the Kalastus-Suomi fishing equipment store in Ideapark shopping centre, in Lempäälä. If you’re planning to book a fishing guide, the gear is usually included in the service. Also many fishing cabin or boat rentals come ready with equipment.



If you’d like to rely on a professional guide to help you enjoy your day out fishing without any worries? The Tampere Region offers many professional guiding serviced for both individual fishermen as well as groups – ask for an offer from for example Fiex Oy, Längelmäveden VenematkatFantasy FishingVaparetket, JPH Fishing & Outdoor or Go Fishing fishing trips.


You can find fishing areas in Tampere here (in Finnish).