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There are two golf courses in Tampere, and even more in the region, to practice your swings and enjoy the fresh air!


Golfkeskus Oy Messukylä 

Kivikirkontie 23, Tampere

Golf course Messukylän golfkenttä is situated in an idyllic valley, only 5 minutes away from Tampere city centre. The course has 9 holes and open-for-all 9 fairway pay & play course.

This park-like course with dogleg and water hazard fairways require the player to have reasonable skills and accuracy. However, the beginners have been taking into consideration as well. Practice points for range, put, chip and sand hazard. Refreshments are available at the café.



Tenniskatu 25, Tampere

Located close to Tampere city centre Tammer-Golf is a beautiful, challenging and interesting golf course. 18 holes in a park-like scenery with possibilities to practice: greens for puts, chips and pitch as well bunkers and a range.

At the club house you can also find a restaurant for having lunch, coffee or order from the à la carte menu. There’s also a kiosk at the end of the 10-fairway as well as a ProShop for new equipment.


Golf Pirkkala

Vaittintie 95, Pirkkala

The course at Golf Pirkkala is one of the region’s gems, where great service meets great scenery. The 18-hole golf course and the practice green are kept in top condition – just come and see!


Nokia River Golf

Alastalontie 33, Nokia

Nokia River Golf’s courses include the 18-hole River course and the 18-hole Rock course. The courses are in Taivalkunta, Nokia, about 8 kilometers form the centre of Nokia and some 30-minute drive from Tampere city centre.

The courses offer beautiful countryside and mansions between river and rocks. In Alastalo mansion you will also find club premises and a restaurant.



Vaihmalantie 120, Lempäälä

Hiisi-Golf offers golfing opportunities for everyone from beginners to active golf enthusiasts. Hiisi-Golf is situated in Vaihmala, Lempäälä, about 20 minutes by car from the centre of Tampere.

Hiisi-Golfi’s courses include a 6-hole par 3 course and a green card holders’ 9-hole course. 12-spot range and greens for puts, chips as well as bunkers. There’s also a kiosk for refreshments and a ProShop for golf gear. Hotel restaurant Vaihmalan Hovi is also nearby, for accommodation and restaurant services.


Lakeside Golf Vammala

Sastamalantie 1901, Sastamala

Lakeside Golf is situated in Sastamala, some 50 kilometer from Tampere. It is a 36-hole golf centre comprising of two different types of courses, ranging from lakeside sceneries to more forest-like areas to challenge the player to be very accurate in places. Come and pick your favourite!


Poltinkoski Golf

Yliskyläntie 1411, Riitiala

Poltinkoski Golf is located in Ikaalinen, about 50 kilometers away from Tampere. The golf course is situated along a calm stream, offering the player a calming waterside scenery to hone skills in. There’s also an idyllic terrace to enjoy refreshments.