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Eco-friendly transport starts with how you arrive at a destination and the ways you move around with a smaller carbon footprint. Sustainable transport also means how easily you can get from one place to another in the city on foot or by bicycle. Accessibility is an important factor for public transportation and city planning in terms of sustainability.

On average, a Finn’s carbon footprint is 10 tonnes, and one third of it consists of transportation and travelling,” says Senior Advisor Satu Lähteenoja from Demos Helsinki. The key to reducing a citizen’s carbon footprint is to minimise gasoline-fuelled transport. “It’s good to reconsider if you really need a car for every trip. All trips made using public transportation, electric vehicles or muscle power reduces our carbon footprint,” says Lähteenoja.

Arrive with a light carbon footprint

Arriving is the most significant part of a visitor’s carbon footprint. Public transport services are the key to reducing the carbon footprint. Sustainable transportation will grow even more soon, as Tampere is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2030.

It’s easy to get to Tampere by train or bus from all around Finland. Railway and bus stations are located in the city centre. Continuing your journey from the station on foot, by city bike, bus or tram is not difficult.

Experience Tampere on foot or by bicycle

All main sights and services are accessible on foot in Tampere. The compact city centre and the pedestrian-friendly main street Hämeenkatu make walking around pleasant. Themed walking tours, green parks in the city centre and exciting walking experiences, like the rooftop walk on top the historical Finlayson area, make Tampere a pedestrian-friendly destination. 

Nysse moves you around in Tampere

Public transportation service provider Nysse takes you to the most important sights in town. “Tampere has a great public transport system. Nysse routes are designed to make the travelling experience and transfers as smooth as possible. Our customers also participate in route planning and provide us with customer experience via Nysse Labcustomer programme,” says coordinator Aila Mäkeläinen from Tampere public transport.

Blue Nysse buses are accompanied by red trams since summer 2021. “The tram is a very efficient means of public transport. Using 100 % renewable energy, it is a great opportunity to reduce one’s carbon footprint. Swift connections and routes via city centre contribute to the convenience of the tram,” Tampere Raitiotie CEO Pekka Sirviö describes.

Accessibility has been in the core of tram design from the beginning. All tram stops are accessible with guidance stripes and inside the trams there are announcements at every stop. “Our passenger tests included people from various groups through which we got valuable feedback throughout the planning process. Accessibility was taken into consideration with disabled and visually impaired persons, as well as people with walking aids, wheelchairs and baby carriages,” says Sirviö.

Nysse public transport covers buses, trams, and trains from Lempäälä, Nokia and Orivesi. The easiest way to buy a ticket is to use Nysse Mobiili app or contactless payment. You can also buy a ticket at R-kiosks. Check out more information about Nysse tickets here.

Särkänniemi amusement park by Nysse number 100

The easiest way to get to Särkänniemi amusement park is to use Nysse number 100. Operating in the summertime, route 100 takes visitors from Ratina shopping centre to Särkänniemi entrance via railway station. Hop on the bus in the city centre and avoid traffic at the parking lots – easy and convenient!