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Pyynikki nature reserve area is a combination of stunning landscapes and relaxed nature trails, all in just over a kilometer from the central square Keskustori. In the winter there are skiing tracks and in the summertime the paths and trails are enjoyed by foot. Pyynikki area is a place loved by the locals since childhood, and a great experience to all the visitors who come to see the views from the Pyynikki observation tower. If the trails in Pyynikki are not enough for you, continue to Pispala and try your luck with the famous Pispala stairs, where you might end up in a playful competition with some of the toughest Finnish ice hockey players practicing there.


About 3 kilometers from the centre of the town, there’s the Kauppi sports park which is ideal for skiing in the winter and walking or running in the summer. There are over 30 kilometers of lit trails in Kauppi, in the western part there’s the sports park and towards east, there’s more a bigger stretch of continuous forest area, where there’s also a small nature reserve and a nature trail going around the Niihamajärvi lake.


On the Niihama nature trail you can take about 3 kilometer long walk around the lake Niihamajärvi. In Niihama area, you will also find the Niihama hut with a café, fire pits and a shelter for cooking some sausages or other snacks. The area is great for the smallest of the family, as there are often events and activities for kids – and adults, of course.

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