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Restaurant Vanha Monttu is one of the most legendary bars in Tampere. It has been part of the street view since 1994. In Wanha Monttu you can relax with a drink in your hand or immerse yourself in history in the cosy living room of Tampere.

Pub Kyttälä, more commonly Kyttis, is located in the Kyttälä district in the center of Tampere. Pub Kyttälä has already gained the reputation of a legendary pub with its long history. At Pub Kyttälä you can enjoy frosty pint or participate in Kyttis Quiz or Bingo.

In Semafori you can groove on the dance floor or sit down with a drink in easy-going company. You can also enjoy your evening by testing some of Semafori’s delicious food and listen to live music.

Huurupiilo is known for its comprehensive and up-to-date beer selection, great gigs and humor-filled stand-up evenings.

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Thrasherie Bar promises booze and heavy metal for all! This bar, located on the main street Hämeenkatu, is specialized in metal music. The music selection offers all kinds of genres from rock to black metal. Take a drink or maybe the legendary Rässishot, wish for your own favourite song from our enthusiastic staff and enjoy!

Dog’s Home is an straightforward music pub on Itsenäisyydenkatu. Go to the bar counter, grab a drink or challenge your buddy to pinball match or to the pub’s own quiz! Dog’s Home also offers live music on a weekly basis.

Majava Bar is a bar known for its laid back atmosphere and it is especially popular with rockers and rogues. Enjoy a cold drink or catch up with the latest news of the music industry.

Amadeus is a music and rock bar located in Tammela. Over the years hundreds of famous and emerging artists have appeared on the legendary stage of Amadeus. Music party at Amadeus will keep the party going all night.

Newbies and old faithfuls 

You can party just a little more briskly at Henkka’s downstairs dance floor or enjoy your time singing live karaoke. In reverse you can cool down at upstairs lounge and order an organic class of wine or a domestic graft beer.

In this old-school-styled pub, Pub Jerun Piilopaikka, your evening will fly by! At Jeru you can enjoy cold drinks, listen to live music or test your singing skills in karaoke.