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Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate is granted for sauna services that meet the criteria of Sauna from Finland’s handbook. The quality criteria can be applied in different sauna environments, such as in holiday resorts, spas, and hotels. Learn more about Quality Certificate.

The sauna experiences with the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate are in the top class of the world. They offer sauna bathers a memorable, high-quality sauna experience. Check out this list of all the quality saunas in the Sauna Capital Region. Test at least one of them next time you visit Tampere!

Hotel saunas

Lapland Hotels Tampere

The Lapland-styled sauna experience in the heart of the city has two saunas, an infrared sauna, and an event venue. Saunas have views over the rooftops of the Sauna Capital. Groups can dine after the sauna while watching the amazing views. In the infrared sauna, you can do sauna yoga or watch the beautiful scenery of Finnish Lapland from the LED screen.

Original Sokos Hotel Villa

Original Sokos Hotel Villa in Tampere has high-quality premises for sauna bathing and cooling off afterwards. All groups, both women and men, enjoy themselves in the sauna area. The sauna has a relaxing atmosphere, and the cool-off space lets you learn about the history of Tampere. The hotel has been built into a former granary. Design and handicrafts are present everywhere in the hotel, in the sauna premises as well.

Original Sokos Hotel Ilves

Ilves was the first hotel to receive the Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Quality Certificate. Hotel’s Ilves Spa offers a relaxing sauna experience. Ilves Spa has a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a kids’ pool, saunas for men and women, and a separate sauna on demand. Guests are served with drinks and small snacks at the lounge bar of the spa area. The hotel’s gym is also available for use near the spa area. Additionally, the rooftop cabinet with a sauna can be ordered for private use. Notice that Original Sokos Hotel Ilves is temporarily under renovation. The estimated time of re-opening is in the beginning of 2022.

Lapland Hotels Arena

Lapland Hotels Arena, opened at the end of 2021, will become a part of the events in Nokia Arena and its modern atmosphere. Fitting to the nature of the Sauna Capital, the hotel has over 70 saunas to ensure a unique meeting experience. Sauna after a congress day eases decision-making and recovery. Additionally, a gorgeous Laawu Rooftop Terrace & Sauna is built on the rooftop of Lapland Hotels Arena. The rooftop sauna terrace includes three saunas, a hot tub, and an atmospheric lounge area. The whole terrace has views of Näsijärvi, Pyhäjärvi, and Pyynikki. All the saunas have Nordic wellness and skincare products for use during sauna bathing, of course.

Other sauna experiences

Medical SPA Aino

Peat sauna bathing lets the bather to sense and feel moments as whole and real. It lightens the body and mind, softens the skin, and deepens sleep. SUOMAA method combines the tradition of spas in Central-Europe with Finnish sauna bathing. It applies the realizations based on physiology of gynaecologist Leena Larva. In Medical SPA Aino, the guest gets to experience the SUOMAA peat treatment sauna, a traditional Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, and a cold pool. During summertime, a tent sauna is also available for use. Try the counter-flow outdoor pool filled with salt water for exercising as well!

Marttisen’s Vihta Sauna

Marttinen’s Vihta Sauna, situated in Virrat, is a meeting place in the middle of nature with lake views. Opened in 2017, Vihta Sauna is combined of two saunas and of a meeting room in between them. An outdoor terrace and a dock area give the best views of the large lake. The building is an excellent example of new high-quality construction. In 2017, it won the public vote for the best wood construction.

This article was produced in cooperation with Sauna from Finland.

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