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Ratina shopping centre

Ratina, the newest and the largest shopping centre in Tampere, offers an inviting combination of fashion, delicious food, groceries, decoration and beauty and health services. There are 140 shops and restaurants, many of which you can’t find anywhere else in Tampere.

Koskikeskus shopping centre

In Koskikeskus, or Koskari, how we friendly call it in Tampere, one can find everything from gold and phones to clothes, cosmetics and stuff for interior decorating. Thanks to a wide range of youth brands, such as Bik Bok, Carlings, Cubus, and Jack & Jones, Koskikeskus is popular among the younger generation. While shopping, you can refresh oneself with everything from traditional Finnish lunch to a frozen yogurt in a yogurt-bar. Above all, there is Finland’s largest ice-cream café in Koskikeskus.

Stockmann and Sokos department stores

Stockmann in Tampere is Finland’s second oldest department store. As a result of the renovation in November 2014, it got additional 4000 meters of shopping space. Due to that, the range of international brands has been significantly expanded, departments of women clothes and cosmetics have been widened as well, and the grocery has got more room for delicatessen.

As well as Stockmann, Sokos department store unites under one roof the most known Finnish and international brands. The uniqueness of Sokos in Tampere is that it houses local designers’ products. On the second floor there is a pop-up shop with original clothes and accessories produced by promising designers from Tampere.

Tullintori shopping centre

Tullintori is a calm shopping center located just behind the railway station. There are different restaurants, cafés, shops and experiences worth trying! You’ll find for example, Irti Maasta (“Off Ground”), the first climbing spot set in a shopping centre in the Nordic countries, as well as the Megazone lasergames and Prison Island.

Ideapark Lempäälä

Fancy a whole day of shopping, eating and enjoying family activities? Take a bus to Ideapark Lempäälä. Ideapark is over 100 000 m2 of shopping area with around 200 shops, cafés and restaurants. Kids will be happy spending time at the children’s cultural center PiiPoo or at the entertainment center!