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Aholaita sheep farm

Aholaita sheep farm offers high quality farm accommodation and wonderful experiences in Kangasala, by lake Längelmävesi. There’s all-year-round accommodation as well as activities and, of course, charming sheep to meet. You can also buy local farm products to take home.

Helenan kanat ja kammarit

Situated in Narva, Vesilahti, Helenan kanat ja kammarit (Helena’s hens and bedrooms) is the newest addition to bed&breakfasts in the countryside. The rooms can be booked all year, and there is a kitchen the visitors can use. There are free-range hens, cows and cats in the garden. You can collect fresh eggs for your breakfast in the garden!


SyVilla, the cottage of Syväniemi on the shore of the lake Kovesjärvi in Parkano, offers great opportunities for leisure and provides a lovely setting with a lakeside sauna, an outdoor kitchen and a lean-to.

Farm Ylä-Tuuhonen

The farm Ylä-Tuuhonen is situated in the beautiful countryside of Tuuhoskylä in Ruovesi. Choose your accommodation from traditional granaries and the guest house Eetula, which have been renovated respecting the old. In the interior, you’ll see old and new come together. This is a perfect place to enjoy nature and silence.

Kärppälän Rustholli

Kärppälän Rustholli in Lempäälä offers accommodation in the main building, built in the 19th century, the yard building and the granary. All rooms have been refurbished, with respect for the old building tradition. The hostess of Rustholli welcomes travelers in this beautiful accommodation to enjoy a peaceful night in the countryside.

Ilolan maatilamatkailu farm

A dream destination for a family, the Ilolan maatilamatkailu farm is situated in Valkeakoski. Just a short drive away are Locomotive museum, Football museum, Ideapark shopping centre and much more. We can accommodate you in the Guest House, the Old Station and the bedrooms in the main building, the granary or lakeside cabins. There are special family rooms available. In the village shop you’ll find local farm products and souvenirs.

Kauppila farm

The idyllic house at Kauppila farm in Ikaalinen is at your use for accommodation as well as parties and events. The house fits nicely for family gatherings and other private events with its notable size. There are modern sanitary facilities and a well-equipped kitchen at the guests’ use. In the yard there’s also a roomy barbecue place. There are 7 bedrooms, 2 downstairs and 5 upstairs. Rooms are numbered and named after the history of the house. There’s an electric sauna in the cellar and a smoke sauna with a bathing tub out in the yard that can be heated up for you.

Farm accommodation Saarinen

Farm accommodation Saarinen offers a guaranteed quiet sleep on the lake Kotolampi in Punkalaidun. Stay in an old cowshed in a yellow, green or blue room. A bigger group can sleep in the sauna building after a relaxing night of bathing. Camping is also an option.

Peltola organic farm

Peltola organic farm in Vilppula provides atmospheric accommodation with amenities throughout the year.  There is also a sauna by the lake Ajosjärvi and the food is made from own organic ingredients.

Mattila farm accommodation

Mattila farm accommodation is situated in Orivesi on the lake Längelmävesi, about 58 kilometres from Tampere. Farm accommodation is available in summertime: you can stay in the granary building and enjoy the smoke sauna. Around the year you can rent a holiday home for a week or just a weekend.

Tuulentie farm

Tuulentie farm in Kaanaa, Teisko is a great resting place for example on the bicycle route around the lake Näsijärvi. You can overnight in granary buildings and enjoy a breakfast that is made from own ingredients of the farm. Additionally, there are animals to admire. Also bigger groups can overnight here.

Niemi-Kapee cottages

Niemi-Kapee cottages are situated on a farm in Teisko, the northernmost district of Tampere, on the shore of lake Näsijärvi. The area is surrounded by beautiful, traditional Finnish scenery, and there are horses, sheep and other farm animals skipping around the yard. There are five rental cottages on the lakeside, four of which are close to the farm itself. Each cottage has its own, peaceful yards and a beach.

Holiday Farm Haapamäki

Holiday Farm Haapamäki is located in Virrat, by the lake Näsijärvi. The farm offers cottage and B&B accommodation. A smoke sauna (book beforehand) and a normal Finnish sauna can be found in the sauna building by the lake. There are also boats for free use and a roofed barbecue area in the courtyard.