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Tampere is a skater’s heaven!


There are some cool spots in Tampere to try to nail your next trick, or to land that ollie finally! Skaters have plenty to choose from in Tampere! For example, a fairly new addition to our skateboarding scene is a skate park below Ratina bridge, a part of the new Kesäranta (“Summer beach”) at Eteläpuisto park.


In summer 2016 a skate park in Hiedanranta was also opened. A former industrial area is now meeting the needs of urban culture in forms of festivals, urban farming, and indeed, a skate park. Hiedanranta is situated a short bus ride away from the city centre. Since 2017, Hiedanranta has also been home to Finland’s biggest skating hall!


One of Finland’s and Scandinavia’s greatest skate parks was opened in Tampere in 2015: the Iso-Vilunen skate park in Kaukajärvi district. The concrete heaven for skateboarders was built on an old gravel extraction site and is 1200 squaremetres large, with a dirt track for bmx-bikes. Skaters have been involved in the designing the park, so it should be everything skating enthusiasts would want it to be!


In addition, there are other skate sites in Tampere: in Kaleva, close to the Hervannan valtaväylä opposite to Tampere Ice Stadium; in the parking lot of the Tesoma ice stadium; in Hallila by the Pehkusuonkatu street; and in Annala, at the Karonen school. Also in Hallila, at Pehkusuo park there is a company-owned skate site and in Vehmainen district, there’s ABEC skateboarding hall. 


If you want to venture further, you can also visit the big, recently built skateboarding park in the town of Vesilahti!

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Iso-Vilunen skate park

Vilusen puistokatu 19, Tampere
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Kuivaamo Hiedanranta Outside View


Lielahdenkatu 10, 33400 Tampere
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Etelapuisto Hammocks

Eteläpuisto (South Park)

Eteläpuisto 2, Tampere
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Abec Skeittihalli 2

ABEC skatepark

Vestonkulma 2, Tampere
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