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In Tampere

Moro Sky Bar: First of all, go to the panoramic Moro Sky Bar at the top of Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Tampere. It’s the highest bar in the city atop of the highest hotel in Finland. Whichever table you get, a fascinating view is guaranteed. The entrance to the bar is free, and you are not obliged to make any orders to enjoy the views and take a selfie. Here is a tip: take elevator A with a large window wall — it already makes lifting to the bar an amusement. Read more from here!

Restaurant Periscope: Located in the Ratina Shopping Centre, Restaurant Periscope has impressive views over the city and lake Pyhäjärvi. The industrial heritage of Tampere can be clearly seen from this scenic spot. One can also enjoy the unique views at the open rooftop terrace of Periscope.

Finlayson roof: Experience Tampere from the roof of Finlayson building! Roof Walk Finlayson Area is the first roof walk in Finland. It is a unique experience where you can see and experience the history and landscapes of Tampere from a completely new perspective.

Näsinneula Observation Tower: Näsinneula is the highest observation tower in the Nordic Countries and Tampere’s landmark. Its height of 124 m offers a completely clear view. The viewpoint has binoscopes, while there is a revolving restaurant on the floor above; a full rotation takes 45 minutes. This is the best opportunity to explore the city, sitting on a chair. Here is a tip: visit the tower before dark to see the breathtaking panoramas.

Pyynikki Observation Tower: The Pyynikki observation tower is located on the world’s highest ridge emerged during the ice age. The tower offers a breathtaking view of the city, and the cosy cafe at its bottom bakes the legendary doughnuts.

Pispala Ridge: The view from Pispalanharju Ridge in Pispala is one of Tampere’s landmarks. This place, being nice as a postcard is dotted with colorful wooden houses and located on the world’s highest gravel ridge. It is worth to go uphill to make a postcard of a photo.

Out of town

Kirkkoharju Observation Tower: Built in the 1930s in the Functionalist style, the Kirkkoharju Observation Tower is located in the Kirkkoharju recreational and outdoor area, near Kangasala city center. The observation tower offers magnificent lake views and the tower’s café sells delicious sweet and salty snacks.

Haralanharju Ridge: Haralanharju Ridge, also located in Kangasala, is recognized as one of the nationally valuable landscape areas of Finland. In the mid-19th century, the views from the ridge inspired the poet Sakarias Topelius to write the famous song “A Summer Day at Kangasala”. You can enjoy the whole beauty of the Haralanharju landscapes from a wooden observation tower that is normally open all year round. However, the observation tower is closed 2022–2023 due to renovation.

Helvetinjärvi National Park: Helvetinjärvi National Park is a dazzlingly beautiful location with a bit scary name, “Hell’s Lake”. The tops of pines going up into the sky, deep crevices, mysterious cliffs, still lakes — everything here seems to be from another dimension. Pass the “Hell’s Gate” (this is how the main entrance to the park is called) and take a walk along a 4 km long path. Halfway you will see a narrow Helvetinkolu (“Hell’s Hole”) gorge hidden in the rock, the age of which counts from the ice age. Finland was proud of its natural landmark as early as in the 19th century.

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