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1. Moomin Museum

Who wouldn’t know the Moomins? World’s only Moomin Museum, situated at Tampere Hall, presents unique pieces of art by the creator herself, Tove Jansson. The original illustrations and detailed tableaus open the door to the unique and intriguing world of the Moomins. The highlight must be the 5 storey Moomin House, handmade with hundreds of fascinating details.

2. The Natural History Museum

What is nature like in Tampere Region? In The Natural History Museum, located in Museum Centre Vapriikki, you’ll get to e.g. identify smells of a Finnish forest, learn about the habitats of local creatures and dive into Tammerkoski rapids. On display are animals from tiny insects to big forest beast. Everyone in the family is sure to find out something interesting about the local nature in this exhibition.  

3. Mobilia – Finnish Museum of Car and Road

Mobilia in Kangasala offers many kinds of fun for car enthusiasts. Rally Hall of Fame introduces top rally drivers and their vehicles from different decades and parts of the world. In summer, kids can get their own speed on in the traffic park, and Mobilia also hosts a bunch of events throughout the year under the theme of – you guessed it, cars!

4. National Police Museum

The Police Museum is situated in Hervanta and is open for everyone, free of charge, and it offers information the Finnish police services throughout the time. In the museum, you can take a moment to marvel a bomb disposal robot, examine an old crime investigation laboratory, or take a seat in a Finnish police van! You’ll get there easily by tram!

5. Spy Museum

Were the James Bond gadgets accurate in the real world of espionage? How does one fake an identity? Spy Museum opens a window to the history of international espionage in Finland.