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Mesmerizing museums

Experience the world’s only Moomin Museum! The Moomin Museum is for art lovers and Moomin fans of all ages. The exhibits comprise a unique collection of original Moomin art donated to Tampere Art Museum by Jansson in 1986. The museum visit is completed by the cozy restaurant of the Tampere Hall, Tuhto, as well as the Moomin Museum Reading Room and shop.

Museum Centre Vapriikki is located inside an old red brick factory building right by the rapids of Tammerkoski. Vapriikki has lots to explore for the whole family. It is home to the Natural History Museum of Tampere, the Media Museum Rupriikki, the Mineral Museum, the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame, Postal Museum and The Finnish Museum of Games, as well as boasting several changing exhibitions. The Museum Restaurant Valssi offers buffet lunch from Monday to Friday and if you aren’t quite that hungry grab a sandwich or a Karelian pie from the café. And don’t forget to get souvenirs from the Museum Shop. If none of these interest you much and you are more into excitement, check out either the Spy Museum in Siperia commercial hall on the other side of the river, or the Police Museum in Hervanta.

How about a bus tour directly from Tampere to the scenic Art Town Mänttä? You can reach the spectacular Serlachius museums by a direct Serlachius shuttle bus from the centre of Tampere, and in Mänttä you will find great art experiences, tasty lunch and a lot to see even if it rains!

Shopping and entertainment

Why break a sweat in the changing rooms on a sunny day when you can use the rainy days for shopping? Head out to Ratina, Tampere’s newest shopping centre. It’s right in the city centre of Tampere and has plenty of fun things to do for the whole family. Make sure to pop in to Mini-Ratina playing area if you’re shopping with the young ones.  

Also when in Lempäälä, just outside Tampere, there’s a whole shopping city, Ideapark, waiting for you. Dry shoes guaranteed! (Unless you take the quick bus from the city centre and get wet on the few meters from the bus stop to inside the mall.) Ideapark is even better if you are traveling with kids. When hunger strikes there are plenty of restaurants, cafés and bakeries to choose from.

Sightseeing and activities

Tampere is worth touring by foot even when it’s raining, so there’s also the possibility you dress accordingly, grab a brolly and climb up the Näsinkallio rock to check out the view to the lake and to the tiny Siilinkari Light House. We are certain you’ll love the rainy atmosphere of our city. Only few minutes from Näsinkallio you can explore Särkänniemi amusement park area where you can visit Aquarium and Näsinneula observation tower whether it rains or shines. 

You can escape the rainy weather to a virtual reality world in Portaali. If you’re feeling a bit crazy, Entertainment Centre Crazy offers fun activities for the whole family. Irti Maasta climbing centre at Tullintori shopping centre‘s central square gives you good exercise while having fun. At Tullintori you can also solve challenging tasks in Prison Island.

Finlayson area has fun things to do even if it rains. You can solve mysteries in Room Escape escape rooms with the whole family or start a fierce laser battle in ZBase. Check out also their original arcade games!

After you get tired of walking, hop on one of the city buses or tram for a cheap city tour. The Traveler Ticket doesn’t cost too much and you can drive around as much as you like for 24 hours. In between we recommend you do like the locals do and step in to the hundred-year-old Tampere Market Hall (Kauppahalli), next to the Central Square (where all the buses stop), to re-charge with coffee and a fresh cinnamon bun from one of the great tiny cafés.