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The Finlayson area is located in the centre of Tampere in the national landscape of the Tammerkoski rapids. Rich in tradition, the area is well-known for the Finlayson cotton factory, which was established in 1820. The city of Tampere was built around the factory. If you look at Finlayson’s old factory as a mere historical monument, you will miss out on the area’s true essence – a unique spirit of extroverted creativity and entrepreneurialism and enthusiasm that carries on in the people working in the area.

Just as before, the Finlayson area is a daily workplace for thousands of people, but it is also a source of entertainment, refreshment and new experiences for the city’s residents as well as domestic and international travellers who are looking to enjoy their free time.

History meets the future in the charming city environment of the Finlayson area. This lively and multi-layered area is full of contrasts and surprises. The historical and intimate atmosphere create an area that offers unique experiences: events, culture and art all year round. We welcome you to enjoy the experiences this area has to offer!

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