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Tavara-asema offers the most interesting music gigs and events in an impressive historical building in Tampere! We listed the dates and artists below. You can also check other events hosted by Tavara-asema from their website! Please note, that at Tavara-asema the cloakroom is included in the entrance fee, and you can buy tickets from Tiketti online store.



8.3. 22-Pistepirkko, Tiger (SWE), Kristiina
14.3. Erja Lyytinen – Diamonds On The Road
15.3. Suvi Teräsniska
22.3 Herra Mirandos 50 vuotta!
23.3 Atomirotta
30.3 Popeda
31.3 Popeda – additional show


4.4 A.W. Yrjänä & Samae Koskinen
5.4 ”Eilen, tänään” – 50 vuotta
13.4 ibe
13.4 ibe – additional show
18.4 Michael Monroe
19.4 Klamydia + Perkele (SWE)
20.4 Huora – album release
26.4 Saimaa – album release
27.4 Antti Autio


4.5 Ursus Factory + Kissa
10.5 Kemmuru – 20-vuotisjuhlakeikka

More specific information can be found on Tavara-asema’s webpage.

Tavara-asema’s safety and safe space guidelines can be found here.

All times of the event

4.5.2024-5.5.2024 19:45