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Outdoor Express – Your ticket to nature

Outdoor Express takes you from the Tampere city centre by bus directly to nature and back. The service is intended for both locals and tourists. The goal is to provide an easy opportunity for hiking for everyone.

Outdoor Express, which operates on weekends between 3.5.-1.9.2024, targets the Seitseminen, Helvetinjärvi and Isojärvi national parks. Upon arrival, you’ll have a few hours to go hiking and enjoy nature. After hiking, you can enjoy refreshments at the cafes and restaurants in the parks. You can also pack your tent and ride back the next day.

Helvetinjärvi National Park
The special feature of Helvetinjärvi National Park is two ancient gorge valleys. Helvetinkolu, located in the south-eastern part of Lake Helvetinjärvi, is the best-known gorge in the area. The rocky nature of Helvetinjärvi is rich and diverse, with the best parts found in the surroundings of the gorge lakes. The Helvetinkolu can be reached via the “Helvetistä itään” (“East of Hell”) nature trail, and at the starting point of the trail, the Helvetin Portti Restaurant serves delicious food and coffee before or after the trip. Come and find out what caused the forces of nature to move the earth’s crust millions of years ago!

Timetable: Tampere – Helvetinjärvi – Tampere
Helvetinjärvi is serviced with one round trip on each day of the weekend. The bus departs from Tampere at 10:15 and arrives at the Helvetinportti restaurant at around 11:45. The return trip from Helvetinjärvi departs at 17:15 and arrives in Tampere around 18:45.

The point of departure in Tampere is the charter bus stop in front of the Railway station. There is an intermediate stop at Linnainmaa C/B during the journey. The return trip from Helvetinjärvi departs from the Helvetinportti restaurant.

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