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Mobile app-based Amazing Walks routes will lead you to interesting places, challenge your knowledge and teach you new things about the city. The routes are a new kind of way to get to know the city, being independent but still having guidance.

Will you choose the gorgeous ridge views of Pyynikki, or the diverse centre of the old factory town? Or maybe you’ll test your inner agent skills in the Agent Test?

On The Pearls of Pyynikki route you’ll get to know the surrounding nature, explore the ridge’s terrain and admire the gorgeous views. On the way you’ll encounter quizzes and missions, that require you to explore your surroundings, but also test your knowledge, reasoning, or maybe your guesswork. The goal is to learn about nature and observe its diversity – of course admiring the sights along the way!

On The Pearls of Tampere City Centre route you’ll get to know interesting destinations in the centre of Tampere. On the route you’ll encounter quizzes and surprising facts about the environment and the history of Tampere. You’ll also encounter over hundred-year-old imagery of the sights! The tour will paint a diverse and comprehensive picture of Tampere, and even locals will surely learn new things.

The Agent Test is a trial by fire for all those who wish to put their agent skills to the test! The route goes through Tampere city centre, and it’ll lead you to your own agent rank. Will you survive the bomb defusal, the interrogations, cracking a code and following the leads to their solutions?

(only in Finnish and English in summer 2022)

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