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Welcome to be inspired by Finnish nature and wilderness. It´s time to enjoy and relax!
Would you like to:
– rest on a bed of moss?
– try out wild tastes of nature; berries, and tea made of wild herbs from Finnish nature?
– listen to the silence and various sounds of nature?
– sense the different scents of trees, wind and plants?
– let go of all your worries, feel your strong roots and enjoy of being present?

Did you know that visiting forest and moving around in the forest has a lot of beneficial health effects on our body and mind? For example, there are studies of following health benefits of being in nature: blood pressure and stress levels can be reduced, heart rate slows down, levels of anxiety, depression, irritation and restlessness can be reduced, recovery speeds up and immune defence can be strengthened. In general, just going in to the forest and spending time there has beneficial effects but they can be enhanced even more!

In the “Gone with the Forest” nature experience we boost the natural recovery with effective breathing exercises, with ‘mindfulness-like’ exercises of calming down, by enjoying the wild tastes of nature, and by observing and using our senses.

All the exercises are really simple and suitable for all. After the experience, you may easily take them to your daily life to support your well-being.

The forest experience will take place in the Kauppi forest, which is about 3 kilometres (<2 miles) from railway station. The duration is 2,5 hours.

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