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The smoke sauna is part of Finnish folk tradition. A genuine smoke sauna is an exciting and unforgettable experience. Heating the sauna takes several hours, which is why we only heat it if requested in advance. You can book the smoke sauna for two hours, either with or without the use of the sauna building’s main room. There is enough space for about a dozen persons to have sauna at a time.

The porch of the smoke sauna has direct access to the sauna’s own jetty. In addition, the sauna has an indoor washing facility, a spacious hall, and an outhouse. The price includes seat covers for the sauna and tar scented washing products. We also bring drinking water to sauna. In the main room you can enjoy a cosy summer evening even if the weather gets cold. Wood blazing in the fireplace will create a unique atmosphere while emitting gentle heat.

If you wish, you can combine the traditional smoke sauna with dining or accommodation with breakfast in the charming room or storehouse cabin at the Ylä-Tuuhonen Farm. Our smoke sauna is located on the shore of Lake Tarjanne, about 400 meters from the yard of our farm. Our old family farm, on the other hand, is located in Tampere Region, in the countryside of Ruovesi.

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