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About five years ago, Juha and his friend Matti Kemi cycled over 700 kilometers around Finland, exploring different saunas and meeting interesting people. This journey led to a podcast and the founding of their company, Saunakonkeli, a name that combines their beloved mode of transportation, the bicycle. Lessons learned from Finland and around the world come together in various sauna guidances, where one can get to know Finnish sauna traditions. Additionally, Saunakonkeli conducts various ceremonial sauna sessions, incorporating elements like whisking and sauna songs. In the sauna, people can be present, find peace, and relax. This is what Juha and Matti strive to promote.

1. Sauna Temple and Rauhaniemi

One of Tampere’s most popular public saunas, Rauhaniemi Folk Spa, has been in operation since 1929. In 2023, Juha, Matti, and Topias Elonkehrä from Saunatemppeli Oy opened the third sauna in the area, Sauna Temple. The Sauna Temple is Saunakonkeli’s home sauna – a public sauna heated by two wood-burning stoves, open from Wednesday to Sunday. The wide benches make it easy to relax, and you can take a dip in Lake Näsijärvi while enjoying the heat.

2. Veittijärvi Sauna

Veittijärvi Sauna in Ylöjärvi offers a very warm and welcoming atmosphere. It’s a bit like a countryside sauna close to the city. The sauna is located on the shore of a spring-fed lake, surrounded by beautiful forests. It’s a joy to enjoy a sauna at Veittijärvi; it’s not crowded, and the regular sauna group is very welcoming.

3. Niemi-Kapee Smoke Sauna

Niemi-Kapee Smoke Sauna is built in the style of 19th-century saunas. What makes it special is that it is constructed from storm-fallen trees, without cutting down a single tree. The steam, löyly, in Raine’s smoke sauna is wonderfully rich and delicious.


4. Tahmela’s Villa and Rajaportti

Many are surely familiar with Rajaportti Sauna, which is heated with skill and care. However, fewer have discovered the nearby sauna in Tahmela’s Villa, Tahmelan huvila. Alexander Lembke, the heater at Rajaportti, has optimized the sauna located on the shores of Lake Pyhäjärvi for the perfect steam, löyly. Everything in the sauna supports a perfect sauna experience – from the ventilation to the benches and the ceiling. It feels and tastes great.

5. Making a Sauna Whisk

If you have the opportunity to make a sauna whisk, it’s worth starting to think about the optimal whisk tree at the beginning of summer. Be bold and try also other types of trees besides birch! For example, rowan makes a gentle whisk for early summer. You can enjoy the whisk in your home sauna, but some public saunas also allow you to bring a whisk with you. The best way to get into the summer spirit is to lie back on the benches, raise the whisk to your face, and breathe deeply through it.