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For Lauri, who moved to Tampere a decade ago, the city is not just a place; it’s a home where he has blossomed into the person he is today. Tampere is also the canvas on which he is painting his career in fashion. Lauri finds his wellsprings of inspiration in the vivid red-brick architecture, the roaring rapids at the heart of the city, and the serene natural landscapes and lakes.

1. Pispala Clothing on Aleksis Kiven katu (Aleksis Kivi street)

Nestled in the realm between art and fashion, Pispala Clothing’s collections showcase patterns from various contemporary artists. I design prints and products around these patterns in collaboration with the company’s creative director. The Pispala Clothing flagship store on Aleksis Kiven katu tops my list of recommendations. Our store is a work of art in itself. Beyond the clothing, visitors can indulge in rotating art exhibitions, sip on a cup of coffee, or groove to great music. We even host live concerts from time to time!

2. Beer Shop & Bar Kuja

Located on Ratinankuja, Beer Shop & Bar Kuja feels like a second home to me. It’s a place where one can truly unwind – whether sipping on a beer, enjoying a coffee, or relishing a tasty toastie. I often visit Kuja as a DJ, spinning records or hosting a fun game of bingo.

3. Kauppi Forest

Kauppi Forest holds a special place in my heart, primarily because it combines urban life with a forest. Besides being accessible by tram and bus, a mere twenty-minute walk from downtown Tampere takes you right into the heart of the forest, perfect for skiing or jogging. In Kauppi, I also enjoy strolling along the nature trail, gathering mushrooms, and cheering for the local baseball team.

4. Rajaportti Sauna

I occasionally indulge in the timeless tradition of public saunas. In my opinion, Tampere’s Rajaportti Sauna is the finest sauna in all of Finland.

5. Vintage Garden and Other Vintage and Second-Hand Stores

Tampere’s brick-and-mortar stores are thriving, offering a unique experience for both residents and visitors, ensuring that the citylife remains vibrant. I highly recommend exploring Tampere’s numerous vintage and second-hand stores. Personally, I have a soft spot for Tammela’s Vintage Garden: “Vintage Garden radiates the essence of what, in my opinion, makes Tampere at its best. It’s easy to walk in, be yourself, and soak in the atmosphere because Leena always wears a smile and is ready to assist.”

Photo: Liisa Mäkinen