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Having gained his skills from Parisian schools and restaurants and been inspired by experiences around the world, Marco has been involved in creating establishments like Social Burgerjoint restaurant. Additionally, his touch can also be found in Music & Arts Café Onda, opened in the spring of 2024. In the span of ten years, he has witnessed the transformation of the city’s restaurant scene. Today, there are numerous interesting destinations for those traveling for food. In addition to restaurant recommendations, Marco’s list of tips also includes other intriguing places to visit.

1. Tammelantori Square

The proximity to nature makes Tampere a wonderful place. However, I’m more of an urban person myself – I like being around people. Especially on a sunny day, Tammelantori square is full of life. There are all sorts of vendors selling flowers, berries, mushrooms, potatoes, you name it. I often take my children there, as there’s also a nice playground nearby. Additionally, whenever my friends from France visit, I always take them to the square.

2. Boulangerie Marco

After you’ve visited Tammelantori in the morning, it’s easy to come to our place here at Tullintori. Our Boulangerie is an honest, cheerful, and cozy place where you can get good food. Additionally, we offer freshly baked treats and pastries daily. I haven’t created the Boulangerie alone, but my own vision is strongly present. We will soon start selling our products in Tampere’s market hall as well.

3. Music & Arts café Onda

We recently opened Music & Arts Café Onda in the city center, which has become a unique place of its own. With our group of friends, we’ve thought about Onda’s content – you can listen to good music there, buy records, enjoy tasty coffee, and have some snacks. Onda also serves cocktails. It’s a great place to continue your day or start your evening.

4. Children’s Cultural Centre Rulla

I’ll also include child-friendly places on my list. The city of Tampere does a lot for children. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my kids at Children’s cultural centre Rulla, and I highly recommend it. It’s a nice place with changing art exhibitions. We’ve also done crafts and played at Rulla, as they have a playground for children.

5. Hiedanranta

I would also include the Hiedanranta historical factory area on my list. Currently, the area is undergoing significant changes, with the addition of a new tram line, for example. Hiedanranta has preserved much of its old charm, but places like the Manor offer many renovated features as well as exhibitions and workshops tailored for children. Visitors can admire street art in the old factory area, and there are also festivals and craft workshops – plenty of interesting things to see.