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A sustainable accommodation has developed its operations by using renewable energy, saving water, developing cleaning and recycling systems as well as committing in making responsible purchases. In the Tampere region, there are several accommodations with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Green Key certificate.

Accommodations are often sustainability pioneers. Environmental certificates have become mainstream especially for bigger hospitality chains. “Experiencing the local is one of the main future travel trends. Travellers are ready to buy services that make this possible, such as participating in a rye bread baking class or a guided mushroom picking trip,” describes Demos Helsinki’s Senior Advisor Satu Lähteenoja.

Sustainable accommodation at Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott is located in the Tampere city centre. LEED certified and built according to modern standards, its energy and water usage are as sustainable as possible. Together with the carbon neutral congress centre Tampere Hall, Marriott hotel forms a carbon neutral block which runs almost completely on renewable energy.

About half of the Marriott’s customers arrive in Tampere by public transport. “Our parking ratio, which means parking spaces per hotel room, is quite small, so we encourage our customers to arrive by train or bus,” says Mirella Tolonen, Front Office Supervisor at Courtyard by Marriott. Marriott International hotel chain provides Green Choice option for their loyalty program members which means that visitors can decline daily room service and get rewards for conserving water, energy and other resources.

Marriott develops carbon footprint measuring and compensation together with Reforest Finland. “In the future, our customers can choose a carbon footprint compensated room, which means that emissions caused by a hotel visit are compensated by planting trees in the Pirkanmaa region. We are also collaborating with ResQ to reduce food waste and we have switched our takeaway containers to biodegradable and recycled materials,” says Tolonen.

In Marriott, responsibility goes even to grass roots level. Marriott helps pollinators by having their own beehive on the top of Tampere Hall. Visitors can soon buy Marriot honey during their visit. “With over 7000 hotels that have committed in the same sustainable principles and values, Marriott’s responsible choices locally have also a global impact,” says Tolonen.

Local experiences in the farms

Local travelling is the most sustainable option for carbon footprint. “Returning to our roots and wellness tourism are major local travel trends”, says Senior Advisor Satu Lähteenoja at Demos Helsinki. “Wellness tourism can mean a holiday planned around a hobby or guided exercises and nature trips. The challenge for tourism industry is how to attract domestic travellers in the future. To achieve this, program services and collaboration with local entrepreneurs are the key. “

Farm accommodation is a great option for families and all who appreciate being close to nature. They are also perfect destinations for local travel as you do not need go far to get away from the everyday life.

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