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Cottage holiday in Tampere Region


Lakeshore, sauna and a wooden cottage. That’s a piece of the Finnish dream, that also people visiting Tampere are looking for. Luckily, you don’t have to own your own cottage as it’s easy to rent a cottage to relax in!



Mökkiavain is the expert on cottage rental in the Tampere Region. From Mökkiavain, you can rent a cottage, chalet or villa in and around Tampere. Cottages with a sauna, located by the lake or in the middle of the forest, hideaways that you can reach even with public transport as well as places to take your whole family the summer or winter days! Or how about a spa holiday, sleeping in a peaceful cottage?



Holiday villages in the Tampere Region

The cottage rental services Mökkiavain and Lomarengas offer cottages for rent all around the Tampere Region, and there are some holiday villages as well, such as Haapasaari Holiday Village in Ruovesi, Holiday Village Solaniemi in Orivesi and Haveri Holiday Village in Ylöjärvi. In addition, many camping sites also offer different kinds of cottages for rent.


Around Tampere, you can find cottages in the countryside and national parks. There are also wilderness huts! Especially Seitseminen National Park is a very popular area for renting a cottage or a hut.

More cottages and camping areas